Oops! I’m Pregnant!

I wanted my first blog to me insightful, intriguing, interesting, with real news, and real facts, not another blog about Britney Spears, her babies, and her seemingly failed attempts at motherhood. So, I decided to write about her sister instead. HA-Ha! Jamie Lynn Spears. 16 and pregnant. How did this happen?!

I mean, how did I manage to not get knocked up? Did I pay attention in health class when the teacher told the class that holding hands made you pregnant? And that syphilis was contagious by simply kissing? Here is this young girl, with not the greatest role model for a sister, you would think she would have learned a thing or two, with her own tv show on a great cable network, with bajillions of kids looking up to her, hoping and praying she would be the better Spears, and what does she do?! She gets knocked up. By a dude that’s 19! Hello! Isn’t that against the law? It’s no wonder that Mamma Spears’ book about parenting was put on hold. Indefinitely. “Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World” is a no go. Guess I won’t be buying that book for Mother’s day next year!
Jamie’s show, “Zoey 101” is, and I quote from a teeny bopper that I asked earlier, like ohmigod, THE greatest shows ever! on Nickelodeon. Apparently, the network may air a teen pregnancy special and discuss the issue in early 2008, but I wonder, will it help? Will the issue of teen pregnancy all of a sudden be important to mainstream America? Does it matter that locally, teen pregnancy affects high -risk young women 12-18 years of age mostly in low income communities such as downtown, central and East Los Angeles? There are some crazy parents out there that rely on the TV to teach their kids about proper sex education, NO MAN! Sign the dang consent form and let your kids take the dang class in school! Get condoms! Get brochures on STD’s and Pregnancy Prevention! It’s not that hard! Be open minded! Sex can happen at any time, at any place! It’s not a nighttime only activity! Get with the program parents!
I know where Mama Spears went wrong. I think it has something to do with the fact that she was being more of a sister-friend to her kids as oppose to a mother. Instead of being in talks with trying to get paid for having talented kids, she should be watching the asses of those talented kids. Some example she gave Britney! Now look at the mess she is in, and then BAM! 16 year old Jamie is pregnant. I mean, come on! When I was a teen, I was more scared of my mother than anyone else and there was no way I would be coming home with a hickey much less a bun in the oven! OH.MY.GOD!
I mean, I feel for the kid, but COME ON! Someone please just hand me a knife because the Spears family is killing me Larry!
Zoey is suppose to be this empowered young woman who is smart, does great in school, sets an example for other young girls!
Its really just tragic.
Jamie said she will keep the baby, which I’m sure will be cute and well loved. At least I hope. However, it’s hard to be happy or even a bit sympathetic. I’m at Spears overload at this point. It’s just all too much, too fast. I can’t handle it anymore. Somebody just needs to quarantine them or something. Send them to an island, be part of the LOST cast, add to the never ending questions of WHY and HOW? The Spears drama is getting OLD… FAST. This is just another clipping from the Not Another Spears Tabloid series.
If anything good can come out of this, I hope it’s just to shed some light on the bigger issue… celebrities are NOT role models and if there is no glove, there is no love! USE A CONDOM!


3 thoughts on “Oops! I’m Pregnant!

  1. Susy says:

    I don’t know what we can blame this on. I mean, My mom and I were friends. But she taught me not to get pregnant (or have sex actually) Or else I would be disowned. To this day she tells me that when (not if.. but when) I have a baby, she will NOT be a baby sitter. She will NOT be one of those grandmothers that I know so well that let their kids do what the want while they baby sit for them.

    I was just thinking that yesterday. People keep saying “Oh, she’s so responsible for deciding to keep the baby”… Bull shit. Did you hear how she told her mom? On a NOTE. She gave her mom a folded note and walked into the living room leaving her mom to read the note. “Im Pregnant”… How high school. Sort of like “omg! Give that cute boy over this note and tell him to circle Yes if he likes me and No if he doesn’t!!!” Geez.

    How responsible is she really going to be? Live at moms. Have everything paid for… Get a job! Take care of your own kid! That’s when she’ll be Responsible. Sell the pictures of your baby to make a living. Ugh.

  2. Wendy Carrillo says:

    I feel you Susy. My mom told me she WOULD NOT baby sit my kids. I was like, BUT YOU’RE LATINA! You are suppose to stay at home taking care of my kids like a good abuelita! Don’t you want to be a good abuelita?!!
    Apperantly, my mom has a life and career of her own.
    Anyways, considering Im over 25 and I am not married, nor do I have kids, that train has sailed for me and I may as well adopt. Just like Agelina Jolie!

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