Britney, the Thunder Stealer

So, back on Nov. 16th, 2006,
Nancy Pelosi was unanimously elected to be the Speaker of the House. That same day, Britney announced she was divorcing K-Fed. It was Tabloid heaven. All the news would focus on was Britney. It was disgraceful.
Here we have, the 1st woman to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House for the House of Representatives, Congress! Literally, THE most powerful woman in the nation, and she gets less time on the news because America’s sweetheart is divorcing America’s favorite no-talent dead beat dad.
And just a few days ago, when
Obama made headline news by winning the Iowa caucus, here comes Britney stealing his thunder! Now, she is in an ambulance laughing for no reason and having all kinds of experts say she is “crazy” and “suicidal”
I mean, honestly, can someone do some research for me and tell me what other days Britney has been in the news and let’s see what else is happening on those days?
Who knows, maybe the day Britney almost dropped her little boy is the day we caught Osama Bin Ladden! Who knows!

I have to admit thought, I like Britney more now that she is crazy. She seems a little more human than when she was the Princess of Pop. By default for many years, I did not like her or her music, and even though I would secretly sing Hit Me Baby One More Time in the shower, I would never say that I liked her, or that I was a fan. At least not aloud. But now… now I eagerly play and sing along (very loudly I might add!) to her music. Especially when I’m out with my girls getting ready to hit the club! It’s like a mandatory ritual!

*cough*cough* but nonetheless! Shame on you Britney!!! Stop stealing the thunder!! Get your own damn thunder!!! Thunder stealer!!!

By the way, if Dr. Phil is able to give her some medical attention and help her get back on track, maybe he can hook her up with a discount or something to eHarmony so that Britney lands herself a good man and step-daddy to the kids she no longer has custody of. Oh Snap!

As my grandma said “no pues, es que la pobrecita necesita un buen muchacho”.

I hear that grandma. Don’t we all… don’t we all…


2 thoughts on “Britney, the Thunder Stealer

  1. Hamster with no wheel says:

    Is that where my Brittney Spears CD went! I was wondering why it disappeared from inside the cover…..

  2. Hamster with no wheel says:

    Is that where my Brittney Spears CD went! I was wondering why it disappeared from inside the cover…..

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