It’s Just Math

This past weekend, my mother asked me to help her with her homework, she’s in college and I am so proud of her! She is taking Economics.
So the question went something like this: if company A wants to makes bars of soap at TC $15, and its TR needs to be more than 50% of TC, its labor is at $4, raw material at $3, and entrepreneurial value at $4, will company A benefit or will the opportunity cost be greater than the expected value? Or something like that.
I had to read the ENTIRE chapter before I was able to figure it out. TC means Total Costs, TR means Total Revenue.

All the while I just kept thinking about Tyler Durdan, making soap from the liposucked fat of rich ladies and selling it right back to them.

First Rule: There is no Fight Club!

Do you see how easily I am distracted?

Anyways, my sister was like ohmigod, didn’t you, like, go to college?


I was like, duh… but I’m a Communications person! Not an analyst!

There is a reason why, we Right Brain people do not go into mathematics.
I like to live in my creative math-free zone.
And yes, I do believe there is an art to understanding math, I applaud you if you are one of those people. But me? Eh.

Yeah, I can do it, I have enough logic, but I don’t have enough will power to put myself through accounting classes and numbers. I would rather learn to count music beats than tax receipts.
Get me?

I like creating beautiful things.
There is a difference. A big difference!
Nonetheless, I was able to figure out the question and once I got it, I got it quickly.
That’s what usually happens anyways. *wink*wink*
But all the while, I kept thinking, when will I ever need this in my life? As if.

Well, today, as it turns out, I had to figure out how many mL are in a L. Turns out 1000mL = 1L Did you know that?

Well, it’s important!

I have a box of wine, or wine from a box, that my best friend brought over for a holiday party. No matter how much we drink from it, it seems to never end.
So we did the math.
Turns out that the box contains 5L and if a bottle of wine is 750mL, that means that there are approximately 6.66 bottles in the box.
Eeek!! It’s the Devils Box!

Therefore, if you take a box of wine to a party, you are getting more for your buck than just a bottle. Especially, if your party does not really appreciate a nice, expensive bottles of merlot or if they are in the habit of putting diet coke in their Chianti.
Just saying!
In conclusion, your expected costs are very much tied in with the consumption of the good and services you are providing, and in the end, supply really does depend on the demand.
So you see, math IS important!

Go Math!


3 thoughts on “It’s Just Math

  1. durante says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever had box ‘o wine but I do drink Arbor Mist. Classy!

    Brad Pitt was so hot in Fight Club and I don’t even think Pitt is easy on the eyes at all.

    durante vita

  2. durante says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever had box ‘o wine but I do drink Arbor Mist. Classy!

    Brad Pitt was so hot in Fight Club and I don’t even think Pitt is easy on the eyes at all.

    durante vita

  3. Hamster with no wheel says:

    DAYUM you still have that box O wine, I brought LMAO.
    Hey Do you remember STATISTICS???
    I hate Math. I ❤ Brad Pitt. Ok not really, I don't really think Brad Pitt that fabulous. Honest. I just wanted t write I ❤ something and that was relevant to the blog. YAY FOR YOUR MOM! Ok Here a better one...I ❤ Wendy's Mom for going to college!

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