Don’t Mess With Texas

When Senator Clinton showed up to El Paso in yet another brown suit, flowers and a token little brown kid in a Mariachi outfit, who really didn’t want to be there, (just look at his face! poor kid)… I was in shock. I was left speechless. I immediately text my friends, who were also in shock, and I was reminded of her King Taco days here in East LA. I mean, seriously, she may as well have shown up in a big yellow folklorico dress. ¡Ay Dios Mio!
Bill O’Rilley said “what?! What is this?! Who is this kid with the bullfighting costume?! And the big sombrero?!”
First off, it’s not a bullfighting costume. It’s a Mariachi costume, an outfit worn by musicians who play in a Mariachi band, a traditional music of Mexico. A bullfighter is most commonly associated with Spain, a completely different continent and ocean away. Gosh!
I say this because, I am sick of the pandering that no one understands. You are going to get on International television, because yes, the whole world is watching, and you are going to bring up a little boy in this outfit to showcase and allude to how much you care and understand our Latino Raza? Please. What you are saying is, that we are, if nothing else, bullfighting mariachis. We can’t be normal people with normal clothing from awfully generic places like The Gap or Target? We all wear big sombreros and eat tacos all the time?
I was offended by this little display of pandering because I don’t think its right. Maybe in 20 years, when the Chinese are more catered too, as the population is growing, maybe our officials will go to a rally in China Town and there will be a little kid in some kind of Asian robe and pointy hat and we will all think it’s cute.

I’m soooo over the, it’s ok to accept your culture while I need your vote. Accept me as an American who likes the Dodgers and went to college and is offended by the lack of respect to heritages other than Anglo-saxon.

At tonight’s debate at the University of Texas, Senator Clinton said, “Lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox”, when Obama was asked to speak on the accusations of plagiarism. Obama responded that if the speech in question was a speech given by another elected official, who was his co-chair on the campaign, who gave him the line, it wasn’t plagiarism at all and that this was becoming the “silly season” of politics. HA! Good rebuttal for our man, and not a good look for Hillary, she was booed after her comment. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the Lone Star state will go and how the Latino vote will play a role in that.

Texas is a funny state, you got old school Mexican-Americans that have been there since before the Alamo, you got your big belt wearing, truck driving, Tejano sporting Tex Mex folks, you got your lighter than most, Spanish-Mexicans from centuries old Spain, and you got your I love America recently made naturalized citizen whose brother/mother/wife/uncle/baby’s daddy is undocumented. How does one approach a gammit like that? That is the question of the day. With Hillary’s name recognition, Obama will have to work twice as hard to get the Latino support, he is going to have to travel to towns like El Paso, he is going to have to court the Catholics, and he is going to have eat some tacos. Ok. no. not that last part, but overall, he will have to offer the idea of “opportunity”. The idea that those that don’t have, COULD.

Besides the debate, I was SO excited to see Jorge Ramos on the Journalism table. That man is HOT! And he aint got sh*t on Anderson Cooper. I don’t know what it is about these older salt-n-pepper haired men that just gets me all Fired Up and Ready to Go!

In the meantime, let’s go back to some Mariachi talk and enjoy the below video!
See, the difference is, these are real people doing a real song for a candidate they support. Not another photo-op <– which will be the new title of my celebrity myspace pics.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas

  1. Hamster with no wheel says:

    When I saw that picture a few days ago, I immediately thought of how your face would be all like “oh HELL NO’ when you saw it! Yeah, I was a bit dismayed because I was BORN in El Paso and I never saw a Mariachi till I cam to L.A. No Lie! So for this little boy to be dressed like a mariachi instead of a regular kid like most of the people in El Paso dress was a bit disheartening. Again I WISH I could hear the video!

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