Transcripts read: GIFTED

So I was having a late lunch/happy hour with a friend the other day, this friend, being someone that I have kissed, and might be interesting in dating. So anyways, we are having a normal conversation and I’m on my laptop (it’s a wireless place) and he tells me, “wow, you type fast”. I laugh, because I don’t think I type fast enough. We keep laughing at whatever it is we were laughing about, I say something that some would consider witty, sarcastic, funny, and not ordinary, honestly, I’m so brilliant I forgot what it is I said exactly, but this guy, this handsome guy that was buying me a drink looks over at me with his beautiful brown eyes, perfect hair, and impeccable taste, and tells me, “you know Wendy, not all guys like smart girls”. I think I looked at him in shock, disbelief, my eyes widening with the horrific thought that once again, I had been….dramatic music… too smart.
He quickly added, “oh no babe, not me, I like a girl with smarts and a brain, and you know, maybe uhh, maybe you shouldn’t be so technical when you’re talking about stuff”
Again, my face, shock… my smile turning into that smirk the boys love oh-so-much.

He went on, “ay mija, you know what I mean! I mean, I don’t think you do it on purpose! I think you’re funny! You’re smart, and all that”

I laugh.

The idea that I may be too smart amuses me. I think, that often times, I am good at listening, hearing ideas out, and then forming opinions that have some logic or critical thought behind them. I don’t pretend to know everything, and if I did, I would get caught right away because I don’t believe in being so arrogant and I would annoy myself.

Anyways, I’m smiling and he is awkwardly shifting his weight in his seat, rambling about how he likes smart girls because I know, he knows, that I know, he just lost major points.

“oh that’s ok!” I say, “if I guy doesn’t like me because I’m too smart, then I’m not suppose to be with that guy anyways! It’s a good exercise in weeding out the bad seeds! Know what I mean?”

Laugh. Take a sip of the drink.

Oh, will you look at the time? I have to go.

Footnote: Being single in Los Angeles trips me out! Anyone know of a place where [straight] men are not afraid of smart women? If you do, HOLLA!


5 thoughts on “Transcripts read: GIFTED

  1. cindylu says:

    Grad school! But all the men (and a lot of the women) I know are married, engaged or in serious relationships. I swear, I met like 2 single guys my first year in grad school. Then again, I’m in education. I think if you hang out near the engineering school, you might find some single dudes. But then you’ll quickly realize why they’re single…

  2. tacosam says:

    Haha very funny Cindylu. Engineers are one of a kind.

    I definitely believe that there are a lot of men that are threatened by (1) a strong, smart woman, (2) a woman that is in control, (3) a woman that makes more money than the man, and (4) a woman that is aggressive and combative.

    The fear is caused by the male ego, which always wants to be in control and never be upstaged, especially by the person that you are most vulnerable to, your lover. The male ego is the most strongest thing in the world, and the most fragile thing in the world, all at the same time.

  3. Derek says:

    Don’t worry Wendy! You’ll find that amazingly handsome, intelligent and successful guy who’ll love you for who you are. Until then flip your hair and giggle a bit more, guys love that. And, umm, yeah, stop using big words. I had to stop and google at least 3 words in just the last paragraph. Yeah.. That’s the ticket, just dumb yourself down about 80%. That’s Hot. 😛

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