A More Perfect Union

Anyone who knows me, knows I support Senator Barack Obama.
My grandmother calls him el negrito.
When I look at her in disbelief because I know damn well she knows how to say his name she laughs and says ay que bonito esta ese negrito verdad?!
Then we begin to “discuss” why she believes Hillary should be in office.
Then my mom comes in.
Is time for a women to be in the white house Wendy Maria! Why cant yu see that?! We woman, we have to estick together!

I take a deep breath and recall the words of a friend, “its all generational Wendy, its all generational”

And look, its not to say that I don’t like Hillary, I do. But I like Obama better.
Recently, so much debacle has been made towards the issue of race. Geraldine Ferrero saying the country is “caught up” with the idea that Obama is neither a white male or a woman of color. What she is saying is her twisted words is that Obama is privileged he is a Black man.
Since when is a Black man in America ever privileged?!

I believe Tracy Morgan said it best. “The U.S is a racist country. The End”.
I’ve studied race, I have been a victim of race discrimination. It is not funny and its not a light subject. Often times, its hard to address and people are very sensitive. Its not a Black and White issue. It’s a people issue. And people, who choose to look at this subject right in the face and address it, are courageous. Which is yet, another reason, why I support Senator Obama for President.

Below is the speech he made just a few days ago at the Constitution Center in Philly. Not only does he address the unspoken taboo issue of race discrimination in America, but the much needed redirection that needs to take place in our beautiful country so that we can move forward. This man is simply as real as it gets. If you are not on his team yet, it’s not too late!


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