No Wire Hangers… EVER!

Just saw Mommy Dearest on DVD.
WOW!!! Joan Crawford was crazy! No joke!
I didn’t know that Mommy Dearest was the story of Joan Crawford until seeing this movie again for the 1st time since I saw it as a little girl. I actually loved Joan Crawford in the movie “The Women” which I saw a few months ago; she played a home wrecker who didn’t mind affairs and a good drink. Ahead of her time!

However! Mommy Dearest is one of the darkest dramas I have ever seen. Faye Dunaway, does an amazing job portraying Joan Crawford and tells the story through the perspective of her oldest adopted daughter Christina. Obsessed with cleaning, obsessed with her career, obsessed with remaining youthful, she never had children of her own, so she adopted four. (Angelina?) She beat up Christina, who must have been ten at the time, with a wire hanger because she didn’t like the expensive clothing she bought her to be on a wire hanger. She kept screaming NO WIRE HANGERS!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!!! ROOOAARR!!! NOOO WIREEE HANGERRRSSSSS!!!!!

Ahhh! I wanted to run under the bed! Omg. She was scary. And she had her face cream on the whole time!

Anyways, I wanted to see this movie because once, my mother made fish soup and she gave me the head. I stared and stared at the bowl and would not eat it. She made me sit at the table for hours. No te me levantas hasta que te termines tu sopa!!!
There is a scene in Mommy Dearest where she forces her daughter to eat raw steak because “it has more vitamins”. I was like, my mom is Mommy Dearest! Someone help me!

Turns out that this film could have been avoided all together had the Academy Award winning actress not excluded her two oldest children, Christina and Christopher from her $2M will. Compared to actors salaries now, $2M may not seem like a lot, but back then, I don’t think people had the slightest clue how inflated salaries would be in the future.

This movie is hard to intake, there is a lot of violence towards the kids, lots of emotional abuse, lots of crazy neurotic behavior that for its time, was “too realistic”. Mommy Dearest won the Raspberry award for “Worst Picture” and Faye Dunaway said she regretted doing it as it tarnished her career for pretty much dissing and portraying one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses as an evil, vile, and crazy mother. But I mean, we all think that of our mothers at one point right? right?!

At the end of the day… if you are a parent… be careful how you treat your children. Might end up in a movie someday… I imagine that in the spirit of the Texan Crawford, I can picture her saying, “had I been nice, she would have nothing to write about.”

Is this movie a must see? I would say yes. It’s a different look at Hollywood life and it has become a cult classic. You don’t want to be the looser who doesn’t know the reference to “No wire hangers…ever!” or “Don’t fuck with me fellas!” which is what Joan Crawford says to the Pepsi Board when she took control over her late husbands position when they wanted to let her go. I love how Joan Crawford was of the Hollywood era Starlets that would add “dahling” to everything.
No dahling
Yes dahling
Dahling, you MUST try this, it is simply divine!

Check out the movie, but be warned… dahling, it is NOT happy tale!

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