Not Your Average Bill

Bill Richardson endorsed Senator Barack Obama yesterday!!!
I liked the new and improved Bill Richardson! He’s got a go-tee, looks nice and slim and calm! No “I’m loosing really bad” presidential race jitters going. He looks like a stunna!
How perfect. Just look. A Black man and a Brown man, standing side by side, the new faces of America! I’m so excited!

When this whole thing started, I was a strong Richardson supporter. I attended several fundraisers. I have interviewed him twice, and have followed his career closely.
Now, I will not play the Latino pundit politics that say because I am a Latina I should vote for a Latino. GAWK! That strategy does not play well with me. Don’t play me for a fool. I am a Free Latina Woman! Just look at Alberto Gonzalez as a prime example of why I should NOT vote by ethnicity.

OH SNAP! There I go, burning bridges.

Nonetheless, I loved Richardson, but I felt a pull for Obama. I was torn, conflicted! Should I vote for Richardson a Latino, because I felt he was qualified but lacked television gravitas? Or should I vote for Hillary, a woman, who I have also met and liked and as my mother says, we women have to estick together? or should I vote for Obama, the first viable African American candidate who moves me by his immenseness oratory skills? What about John Edwards?! I liked him too! And I felt his pain for loosing in the Kerry/Edwards ticket of 2004. That ticket really should have been the other way around.
The Democrats would have taken over Pennsylvania Ave! (That’s the address to the white house people)

I digress.

Now, happily, I am not conflicted or torn. Richardson endorsed Obama. This is great news. Great, great, great news! This endorsement is huge! For lots of reason. Bill Richardson is the Governor of New Mexico. The state of New Mexico, meaning, the people of New Mexico voted for Senator Clinton, meaning Hillary won the popular vote. Although it is not law, that a Super Delegate like Richardson vote based on the popular vote consensus, it is common practiced.
How do I feel about this you ask? Well, let me tell you. I am again, torn and conflicted.
As an Obama supporter, I love it. As a GOTV organizer, it’s disappointing. Yet, another reason why the popular vote is a waste. Why spend all the time, money, efforts, when a delegate is going to go their own way? However, there is such a thing as personal free will. What do you do in the case of Bill Richardson? Should he, a former Presidential Candidate, vote based on what his state tells him because he is also that State’s Governor? Or should he vote on a personal conviction as someone who ran against Obama and is now in a position to take that stand? I think the latter wins in this argument. One could argue that most delegates due in fact vote with the consensus of their constituents and it helps build momentum towards this huge decision. But most delegates don’t have “super” in front of them are most are not, former presidential candidates.

His credentials: Only Latino/Hispanic Governor in the nation, former Congressman, former United Nations Ambassador, former Energery Secretary under the Clinton administration and five time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

This is what he said:

On immigration:
“As a Hispanic American I was particularly touched by his words. Este es un hombre que nos entiende y nos va a respetar! I have been troubled by the demonizing of immigrants, specifically of Hispanics in this country. Hate crimes against Hispanics are rising as a direct result; and now, during tough economic times, people look for scapegoats, and I fear people would continue to exploit our racial differences and places them on others, not like them. We all know the real culprit, the disastrous economic policies of the Bush administration.”

On Obama’s recent speech “A More Perfect Union”:
“Senator Obama has started a discussion in this country that is long overdue and rejects the politics of pitied race against race. He understand that clearly by only bringing people together and by bridging out difference can we succeed together as America. It is time however, for Democrats to stop fighting amongst ourselves… the 1990’s were a decade of prosperity and peace because of the confidant and enlightened leadership of the Clinton administration…but it is time for a new generation of leadership to lead America forward.”

Bill Richardson is an extraordinary statesman and would make a great Secretary of State considering his experience in Foreign Policy and International Diplomacy. He is also, just what the doctor ordered to help Obama with his Foreign Policy issues, courting the Latino vote and help bring some positive light into this campaign.

Below is Richardson’s endorsement speech. Much needed camaraderie is seen. So great!
Finally some smiles! There is a very funny bit around the 9min part.

Now, if only John Edwards would endorse Obama already. He would make an awesome Attorney General… or would he consider VP? Hmmmm…. The plot thickens! Stay tuned.


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