Fox News does it again.

In a conversation I had with a friend, I had explained my dreams of being a news anchor and a serious journalist. He laughed and said networks would tell me what to say, that I would have no say in the stories I would cover, and that I had more influence doing what I did now on Power 106 than if I were to work for Fox.

Now, I don’t take Fox News too serious anyways, but I was at any point, insulted, mad and annoyed that he would say something like that. Why not just support my career of choice?

And then… the below breaks out and I am reminded how there are those on the inside, that although as conservative as they may be, still know, when sensationalism by the news is over the top. When Chris Wallace questions Fox and Friends on their continuous bias towards Senator Obama, you have to pay attention.
This was this past Friday morning:

The hosts: Steve Doocey, Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade.
I love how annoyed they all look! HA!
As it turns out, Fox is own by Rupert Murdoch, a big time Hillary supporter. At the end of the day, you realize this media operated machine is aimed to deliver a certain message that continues to exploit the credibility of the news filtering process and tarnish the names of those trying to create a more progressive America where we can have open discussions as a country regarding Race. Maybe my friend was right, maybe news anchors are just talking heads, that’s what happens when you have a News monopoly. But maybe I can still believe that there are some journalist, that can respect the process and say something when something needs to be said, regardless of who your employer is.
Well done Chris Wallace! <– Words I’d never thought I would say.
I read the Obama blog and turns out that Brian Kilmeade also walked off the set because he wanted no part of the continued discussion. Go head Brian!


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