Obama/Edwards 08?

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards endorsed Obama today. In many ways, he had too! He voted in North Carolina his home state, he had no other choice but to come clean with his endorsement. I think Bill Richardson voted for himself in New Mexico before he conceded. Can someone check that?

Apparently, Mrs. Edwards voted for Hillary. So while their popular vote cancels each other out, John Edwards, a super squeaky clean and polished super delegate is a major victory for Obama!

What does the Clinton campaign say? “We respect John Edwards, but … this thing is far from over”

too legit! too legit to quit! hey! heeeey! (oh hillary).

Looks like Puerto Rico here we come!

This is the 1st time in history that Puerto Rico, a territory of the US, not a state, will actually have a chance to have an impact.
Not only has the popular vote never really mattered in the primary season, but Puerto Rico can’t even vote during the General Election.
It’s a funny island. They have 63 delegates that most likely, will go to Hillary. Although there is a strong Obama support base, the campaign has done very little to influence the Latino vote of the island. I know this first hand because I have friends there.

Also, Puerto Rico is not really a Democrat/Republican territory.
They have:
New Progressive Party : pro-statehood
Popular Democratic Party: pro-commonwealth, recently pro-sovereignty
Puerto Rican Independence Party: pro-independence (from the US)
Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party: Social, Environmental and Economic Reform

AND! Turns out that Puerto Rico has “caravanas”. A bus/car with horns and little flags that travel the land advocating for a candidate. Sounds like fun right?! The majority of the island is Spanish speaking, there are few phone lines, much less internet access. It’s a time warp. The major city of San Juan is modern, but think of the island as an escape from all technology. The mass internet campaign which has helped Obama be so successful here in the States, does not exist in Puerto Rico. With Bill Clinton having done the “caravanas” twice already… Obama is trailing.

If anything good comes out of this, it will be perhaps Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.
How will we add another star to the flag?!
See?! The Latino vote matters! Pretty soon, we are going to change the flag!


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