Carne Asada is Not a Crime

Recently, I sat down with CA State Senator Mark Ridley Thomas, who is currently in a hot contested face off with Los Angeles Councilmember Bernard Parks to become Los Angeles County 2nd District Supervisor. I asked MRT what he would do regarding the Supervisor’s recent movida to regulate the activities and hours of operations for Los Angeles Taco Trucks. The new law would require that taco truck vendors move every hour from their location or face heavy fines and penalties. When I first heard about this awful, dreadful law, I was outraged!!! Where and how was I going find my delicious tacos al pastor con todo if not from the taco truck on Evergreen and Cesar Chavez?! I could not believe that Supervisor Gloria Molina (Hillary Supporter) would even consider this necessary! Surely we have more things to worry about! Like schools, gangs, roads and health care issues! Supervisor Molina has done so much for East Los Angeles, this move by her office really took me by surprise. So much so, that I thought that perhaps she was doing this in an efforto to avoid ICE officers targeting Taco Trucks. Farfetched? Maybe. Besides, these small little businesses all have to have licenses and follow procedures and are sometimes, the only source of income for families. Do we really want to put them out business by having them move every hour? And who is going to enforce these laws? Police? Shouldn’t we put our police or sherriff’s to better use? Like, oh I don’t know, helping people and fighting crime?

MRT said that if he got elected, he would make sure that the voice of the constituents concerned with the issue were paid attention too. He said any law could be retracted if that is what the people wanted. I don’t know if MRT knows how much people are upset by this whole situation.

To say the least, I was not the only person outraged by this. Apparently, two dudes named Aaron Sonderleiter and Chris Rutherford were also so outraged, they started a website Now, I don’t know, but their names sure don’t sound like the names of the residents in East Los Angeles… or do they? Hmmmm???

Anyways, I’m blogging about this because while I was ranting and raving, most of my friends were like OMG, Wendy! It’s not that serious! But HA! I beg to differ! Check out TIME magazine doing the same story! How you like that oh cynical non taco truck lovers! You and your bourgie restaurant tacos with your refrigerated meats and overpriced stale tortillas! There are few things more delicious than the smell of carne asada and grilled onions coming from a brightly lit taco truck. Trust!

While the law went into affect just last month in May, taco truck supporters and organizers are still trying to figure out what to do. According to the website, Alejandro Valdovino’s taco truck, La Flor de Sahuayo, which was was parked in front of his own restaurant, was ticketed. The owner now faces a $1,000 fine or 6 months in jail. Ijole!

If you would like to show your support for the taco truck union (which is a healthy alternative to fast food), you may contact:
District 1
Gloria Molina
(213) 974-4111
District 2
Yvone Burke
(213) 974-2222
District 3
Zev Yaroslavsky
(213) 974-3333
District 4
Don Knabe
District 5
Micahel D. Antonovich
(213) 974-5555


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