U.N.I.T.Y – That’s a Unity!

Looks good doesn’t it?

At Unity, New Hampshire yesterday, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton began to do what we have all wanted to see in a long time, cordinated outfits. errr! I mean, a united Democratic party who marches on forward to defeat McCain in November!
She said: “To anyone who voted for me and is now considering not voting or voting for Sen. (John) McCain, I strongly urge you to reconsider”
He said: “I know that … because of the campaign that Hillary Clinton waged, my daughters and all of your daughters will forever know that there is no barrier to who they are and what they can be in the United States of America,”
She said: “I was honored to be in this race with Barack and I am proud that we had a spirited dialogue…[crowd laughs]… That was the nicest way I can think of phrasing it! But it was spirited because we both care so much and so do our supporters – each and every one of you.”
He said: [On the Clinton’s]“We need them. We need them badly… not just my campaign, but the American people need their service and their vision and their wisdom in the months and years to come because that’s how we’re going to bring about unity in the Democratic Party. And that’s how we’re going to bring about unity in America.”
She said: “Well, Unity is not only a beautiful place as we can see, it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? And I know when we start here in this field in unity, we’ll end on the steps of the Capitol when Barack Obama takes the oath of office as our next president”
He said: “She rocks!”

awwww… que cute. This was the first time that both candidates have been out in public together after facing each other in the longest primary election in the history of the world. And while it was all reunited and it feels so good, as much as they tried, the hug was awkard, the eye contact dismal, the comfort a bit lacking, all indicators that these two need to work out their kinks. But they are trying and both have said many times, they are friends. I enjoy seeing them together like this. I don’t think we will have an Obama/Clinton ticket, but at least I can take comfort that Hillary is campaigning for Obama, a good sign. Now… if only her husband would do the same. He has yet to endorse… come on Bill! Si se puede!
(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

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