Obama on Aliens

Now that I am the Political Go-To Gal for SiTV and Voto Latino… I think I may ask Barak Obama if he likes flour or corn tortillas… or tapatio or tabasco?


But nothing beats this guy who asked Obama what he thought of the little green people from outer space…

In an interview with KGAN of Cedar Rapids, IA yesterday, Obama took one of the strangest questions of the cycle:

“If you are elected and you learned that the government new aliens had visited earth and the public didn’t know, would you ensure the public found out?” he was asked.

“Well it depends on what these aliens were like, and whether they were Democrats or Republicans,” he joked in response.

KGAN’s oddball interview also asked him what rock star he’d like to be — he said Stevie Wonder; his best feature — “my ears”; and what he likes on his pizza — he said pepperoni and sausage.

Yeah, I also read all these questions on Rolling Stone in July. But seriously, wow. Oddball indeed!


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