Tito the Builder: Born in Colombia, Made in the U.S.A!

Those were the words Sarah Palin said to describe Tito Munoz, aka, Tito the Builder. Maybe the McCain campaign read my blog. Joe the Plumber is out, Tito the Builder is in!
He’s Latino, he’s a hard worker, he’s afraid of less freedoms and he’s got an accent too!

Talk about pandering. Look, I know Latinos are an important part of the dialogue. Why not have Wendy the College Student as your spokesperson? Oh I forgot, I speak English without an accent and I don’t put up drywall.
I also don’t support the McCain/Palin ticket. Rules me out!

But wow, Tito the Builder? Are you serious?
I have family that works in construction. Some of them are not able to vote yet. But when we discuss politics, it’s Obama all the way. One of my uncles owns a small construction company, he also owns a home, and a couple of horses in a ranch somewhere in the country. He makes a decent living, but he won’t be voting for McCain.
Part of me wants to think, wow how cool, they got a Latino construction worker introducing the potential next vice president of the United States! But then I think, yeah you know what? No me gusta.

In an interview on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, Tito the Builder kept referring to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, saying he understands the Obama playbook to have a socialist agenda, that he’s “seen it before” and that he could “even smell it”. He also said that Sarah Palin gave him a “warm feeling” and that even though he doesn’t know her very well, she is a “wonderful woman” and will make a “wonderful vice president”. It also seems Tito has a winking problem and can’t really explain the similarities/differences in the economic policies of John McCain and Barack Obama. Here is the interview:

Tito, come on. Name one of her policies. Please! Tell me you are a representation of intelligent Latino voters! That you are not just a puppet head for the McCain camp and that you don’t show up to rallies with your full on construction uniform!

Oh wait, you do.
Here is Tito introducing Sarah Palin at a rally where he says “Everything we stand for is in danger by higher taxes and less freedom” :

Ay dios mio.

Here is Tito the Builder defending Joe the Plumber against the elitist media attacks, and explaining why he knows so much about Hugo Chavez, socialism, communism and the end of democracy.

I’ve been reading the comments posted by some people and they say “Tito is a real American” and “God bless Tito and welcome to America. I would drive across America just to shake your hand brother.”All very nice sentiments. How soon before someone tells Tito to go back to where he came from because he is taking away American jobs? Like I said, immigrants are ok, as long as they are Republican and support policies and candidates that do very little for immigration reform.


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