Long Lines for Obama Front Page

So, right after the election, where President-Elect Barack Obama (God, that sounds good!) was announced the winner on the front page of the LA Times, it was SOOO hard to find the newspaper! I had to lift one from the one of the offices at school! I felt a little guilty, but it only lasted about 2 seconds.
On the Sunday following the election, right after my radio program, I read in the LA Times paper that I could go down to the downtown office and pick up some re-printed copies since the paper had actually sold out!
I figured, that sounds dandy! I’ll get off work, stop by the LA Times, grab me a paper or two, they were only 50cents and then head over for breakfast with the family. When I got there however, that was not the case.
So I took out my little Flip Camera, and oila! submitted the below video footage to CNN’s iReport, and it was selected to play on CNN. Lovely!

Sunday Nov. 9th, people lined up around the block of the Los Angeles Times building to purchase the sold out reprinted Nov. 5th front page where Obama is declared the winner. The Front page was available for 50cents, a small color poster for $5 and an aluminum copy of front page for $10, all limited edition. Now, the front page is $2, the poster $10 and the aluminum copy is $20. Get it while it’s hot!

I eventually did get two copies of the front page, thanks to a friend at the LA Times. Thanks Tim!


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