Palin/Sanchez 2012!

Eh?! eh?! wouldn’t that be something?!

My new roomate received this Christmas card at her old address recently and she brought it home. I was like, WOW. On one hand, yes, it’s awesome, Congresswoman Sanchez in an empowered Biker chick with a tank top, hoop earrings and a furry cat… and that can be inspiring to some! It’s funny! Satirical! Waiting to be commentary on The Daily Show! But on another hand, what is she really saying? and who is she appealing too? This is actually not as bad as some of her other cards, like the one with the cat on her lap and the words “Pet the kitty” on the top. She’s very risky with her moves, opening the door for criticism, maybe even welcoming it? I guess in the end, the question is, how do we see our elected officials? and most importantly, what is the political power of Latinas in National office and how do they portray themselves? Does this do more damage or more empowerment to the movement of Latino/a Politics? Considering that Congresswoman Sanchez 1st ran as a Republican and lost, and then became a Democrat, I wonder if she would ever consider going back? omg… could you imagine?! Palin & Sanchez 2012… two tough chicks with guns and bikes ready to take on the old boy network in Washington! Ay Dios Mio!
Hillary Clinton must be so pleased…


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