Arriving in DC: Obama is 50% Off

from: PopandPolitics
by: Wendy Carrillo

If the U.S is known for anything, it is our love for money and capitalism. I keep hearing the theme song to “The Apprentice” in my head. So while we celebrate this historic moment in history, what better way to demonstrate that than by pimping out our nations President-Elect?
With the economy being where it’s at, it’s no wonder that business are looking to make a little CHANGE.
Get it?!
From Pepsi, to street vendors, to mugs and tattoos, you too can come away with a little Hope at a bargain price! Literally!
Here are some pictures from the airport stores on my way into DC and stores in Georgetown to try the “Barack and Roll” martini —all for research purposes on course.
P.S. It continues to be extremely cold, windy, and I am a bit disappointed that there is no tamale lady. I could also really use some Mexican champurrado!


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