Inauguration Diary:From Los Angeles to Washington D.C—Longest. Flight. Ever.

From: PopandPolitics
By: Wendy Carrillo

I left my warm and cozy apartment in East Los Angeles at 5:30am and didn’t arrive in Washington D.C until 10:30pm. Not only was this the longest flight in the universe, but the most nightmarish layover in Boston, ever. Thank you Priceline!

Since LAX is a complete nightmare, I didn’t want to run the risk of missing my place (it’s happen before!) I checked in one of my bags (which I had to pay $15 for) and then headed over to security to completely be stripped away of all self dignity. (Really? Do you really need to know what’s inside my shoes? I promise I am not hiding any explosives in my socks.)

Then, I had a layover in the worst airport in the world. Logan, Boston. It was ridiculously cold, freezing, and in case you didn’t know, each terminal is like it’s own mini-airport.

So I had to jump on a little bus, to go from Terminal C to Terminal B, THANK GOD I had taken my jacket and gloves with me. Enduring horrible freezing temperatures is new to me and frankly, I am not a fan. The cold and wind stung my face little tiny microscopic slaps. I had to run, with my laptop bag, my carry-on bag and my wet Ugg boots, because, of course, I stepped on a big pile of snow.

I had to go through security all over again. By this time, it was 5:55pm ET and my flight left to DC left at 6pm. I decided that there was no way I was missing my flight and ran from the check point to terminal 18. I was in my heavy wool coat, hat, scarves, gloves, laptop bag, and carry-on running through an airport I had never been in

Finally, I see a big 18 terminal sign with great big windows and my plane slowly moving away. Cue freak out:


I wanted to cry. I was tired, exhausted, cold, wet, and my hair was icicles. Jason, the guy working the desk took pity on me.

“You on the 6pm to DC?”

“I was suppose to be!” I responded almost in tears.

“Your flight has been delayed.”

OMG. Wow. The snow gods must have taken pity on me.
He said something about a malfunctioning plane and too much ice on the tarmac, but honestly at that point I wasn’t paying much attention. I hadn’t missed my flight!

So there I was, stranded now in Boston, only to realize there was no free wi-fi, none power outlets worked for my dead laptop, and I was hungry.

After what seemed hours, we finally boarded, and I arrived in DC to encounter more cold, minus the snow. My friend, Estee, had advised me that I could take the Yellow Metro from Reagan to the Convention Center. For $1.35, I, alongside many others with suitcases, got on the Metro and headed towards DC.

From an airport to a metro to the city: easy transportation. Wish we had something like that in Los Angeles!

Seven stops later, I was in Chinatown, DC, and had finally arrived to witness one of our nation’s most historic moments… and all I kept thinking was… “I wish I would have packed more socks.”

To Be Continued……


One thought on “Inauguration Diary:From Los Angeles to Washington D.C—Longest. Flight. Ever.

  1. Lilly on the Rocks says:

    Yes, yes you have missed a flight before! The party plane to Oahu!
    Also, you need to spend more time in your freezer getting used to different climates so it wont shock your system when you travel. Don’t we wish everywhere was like Southern Cali?

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