From Blogger to WordPress

Today I took the bold new step and imported my blog from blogger to wordpress.
About two weeks ago, I met Digidave, creator of at a digital media lecture at USC.
He told me there was a way to import my blogs from blogger to wordpress.
Lo and behold, I Googled it, and BAM!
All this info popped up with guidelines on how to get it done.
I was able to use a new design template that allows me to create unlimited pages within my blog that show up as tabs on the header above my picture.
You see?
It’s so great! I didn’t have that option with blogger, or maybe I should say, I wasn’t as advanced to offer that feature.

oh snap!

WordPress can be a bit intimating, but it’s all about reading what all the options are.
I was also able to add a Facebook widget!
You see? It currently displays my status and my mobile picture uploads.🙂
Since I currently also own my own domain through GoDaddy, I was able to forward the address and have my new blog come up! I had to disable the service through blogger and forward with my wordpress blog, and that required 30 minutes on the phone with the GoDaddy (16 which was me listening to funky music while on hold) people because I didn’t remember my online password- but other than that, it was cool! easy!

Next, I hope to incorporate my twitter feed on here somewhere, which will allow you to follow my blog posts, my twitts and re-twitt on your feeds via a tinyurl!

I do feel however, a bit sad at the loss of my blogger blog. It’s been with me for so long. It’s like an end of an era! Goodbye easy blog click and drag, hello beautifully complicated wordpress with unlimited pages and auto-spell corrector! I hope we are together for a long time to come.

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