Ghostface Killa Defends Rihanna

Ghostface Killa shows off his bling
Ghostface Killa shows off his bling

By his name, you never would think that Ghostface Killa (scary!) would be one to defend Rihanna or do anything remotely suggesting a public service towards women.

In a song that was leaked on the internet last week, titled “A Message from Ghost” the Wu-Tang artist takes a moment address domestic violence.

“This is for all my women out there that be getting beat up, you know what I mean, struggling, welfare, sometimes the jobs ain’t right, they going through mad trauma, especially with they man when they don’t really need that shit,”

Wow. Reminds me of Tupac’s “Dear Mama”

While even Rihanna’s father has accepted Rihanna getting back together with looser girl beating pop wriggleys chewing artist, Chris Brown, Ghostface ends his song with,

“That girl Rihanna, you know what it is Rihanna, you little sexy little thing you, you didn’t have to got through all that, that’s that young boy shit, And I ain’t here to interfere either but protect your neck, that’s what Wu told you baby.”

Most of the artist community has said the incident is “a disgrace” but none have straight out said that what Chris Brown has done is completely unacceptable. What message does that send?

The American Institute on Domestic Violence states that each year, 5.3 million women are abused and 1,232 are killed by their partner. According to a 2002 study at Tufts University, the number one killer of African American woman between the ages of 15-35 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. The statistics of domestic violence against African American women compared to White, Latinas and Asians are also much higher.

As it turns out, the picture that TMZ leaked? New reports are showing that picture was taken a few days after the attack. The picture taken of Rihanna the night of the incident is MUCH worse. Chris Brown,”cannot survive his career if this picture gets out” said TMZ’s head honcho, Harvey Levin.


But even with Ghostface taking a stand on the situation, does it matter?

Etra Donald, Rihanna’s attorney told the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday as Chris Brown faced felony charges that “Rihanna opposes a ’stay away’ order and requested that no such order be issued.”

They are back together and she most likely, wont be pressing charges.


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