Street Chic Fashion Show Celebrates Diversity

from: NeonTommy

Lights, camera, fashion!

That was the theme at the University of Southern California’s Galen Center in South Los Angeles last Thursday when it hosted the second annual Street Chic Fashion Show.
“We are one of the most active clubs on campus,” said Manny Miranda, the executive director of the Annenberg Student Latino Association, which put on the show to promote diversity and showcase talented Latino fashion designers.
Carlos Hernandez, the co-executive director, explained that ALSA is more than just a student organization.  It is a place where creative and daring young minds, who happen to be Latino, come together to explore different ways of communicating.
This time, the group focused its attention on communication through fashion and expression through clothing. Drawing a crowd of more than 100 spectators, the second annual Street Chic Fashion Show looked to promote the beauty of diversity, showcasing styles that ruled the runway and transcended the streets.
Modeled by a group of diverse USC students, the fashion show at the Galen Center turned out some of Los Angeles’ most creative and earth-friendly designers, including LRG and Earth Angel Swimwear, currently on the cover of Maxim Magazine.
ALSA ended the evening by featuring a collection of dresses by emerging Latina designer Ximena Valero. The group presented her with the first annual ALSA Award for demonstrating creative design and innovation.
Valero’s clientele include Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Beyonce Knowles.

“I try to make each collection as individualistic as possible,” said the young designer who hails from Mexico.

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