Thirsty? Try Jay-Z’s Water for Life

From the Knowledge is Power Blog on Power 106
By: Wendy Carrillo
Jay-Z greets kids in Africa
Jay-Z greets kids in Africa

It’s been three years since Jay Z premiered his video blog “Water for Life” in collaboration with UNICEF and MTV, aimed at bringing attention to the vast water shortages and the need for water sanitation in developing countries. UNICEF reports that 2 million children die each year due to unsafe water. Currently, more than 1 billion people across the world lack access to clean water. 2.6 billion don’t have critical sanitation facilities, such as running water or sewer systems.

Jay Z traveled through various countries throughout the world and saw first hand the impact lack of access to clean and sanitary water can have on children, young people and their families. Hiking through various parts of Africa in old sandals, and carrying large pots of water for their families, children and young people (most of whom are female) often are late or don’t attend school.

“It is unbelievable that someone so young could be doing that every single day,” he said.

In September 2000, eight goals were put into place by the United Nations known as the Millennium Development Goals. Countries throughout the world came together and signed into agreement a commitment to eliminate issues of severe poverty by 2015.

The United Nations reports than more kids die of diarrhea caused by unsanitary water each year than of HIV/Aids.

Jay Z’s efforts are not simply to expose the issues of water shortages and its affects on people throughout the world, but to help decrease the number of deaths of children who drink unsanitary water each year and help communities build and secure their own water sanitation facilities, such as the very successful PlayPump program – a water pump that doubles as a Marry-Go-Round.

Kids in Africa at play with Water Pump/Marry-go-Round
Kids in Africa at play with Water Pump/Marry-go-Round

Want to help? It’s easy!

With a $6 donation, you can provide water to child for 10 years.


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