This Is Why You’re Fat

Because really, is there anything better than a bacon cheeseburger served on a soft glazed Krispy Kream bun?

In the spirit of Pekka’s ultimate fast-food-loose-weight-maybe-exercise-idea, wanted to share with you all one of my all time “multi-slaker” websites that I visit while my video editing software does this thing called “rendering” – which can at times take a few minutes… anywho! it’s totally fascinating, just like that other silly LOLcats website.

This Is Why You Are Fat (@tiwyf) was once, just a silly blog idea that only recently hit the jackpot. The site got mad attention and voilà! a book deal arrived from the heavens. Hailed as one the the most “highly anticipated books of 2009,” Gourmet Magazine even called the blog a chronicle of the “gross-food movement.” The book went on sale just last month in October and its only $12.99 – great as a Holiday gift I think!

The authors of the blog turned book are Jessica Amason, Viral Media Editor for and columnist for The Huffington Post and her partner in food porn, Richard Blakeley, Video Editor for Gawker Media. I’m not sure if they had these jobs prior or post the popularity of their blog.

TIWYF however, is not the first blog that has received a book deal, Stuff White People Like, an extremely funny and satirical site was also started by random blogger, Christian Lander. The blog was hugely successful online and just this year, also went to a print version. The former “blogger” is now a public speaker, published author and considered and expert on SWPL. (!)

Based on the presentations in class, I find that both these blogs are definitely interesting models of entrepreneurship if only, because of the design of their websites.
Both of these sites use a very easy content management style that is easy to use on the owner side as well as easy to read and maneuver on the visitor side.

TIWYF is just a one-column picture site with a brief description and a set background, while SWPL uses a WordPress blog template with photos and text, displaying only the blog, but with tabs for more information. Nothing complicated about them, and yet, both HIGHLY successful.

Good strategies I think, for some of the presentations made in class.

*This post was written for a USC course on Entrepreneurship in New Media Dec. 02, 2009


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