8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist

I read the below “traits” that a journalist must have on Mashable.
and i realized two things, i think i am good on 6 or 7 of the below… but it also seems that to be a good journalist, you have to also be good at thinking you know what journalists need to do.
Sigh. Maybe I am being an unfavorable critic, but does the order of these matter at all? Should #8 be #1? EH.
And for how much? What are these skills worth? Are we all going to start our own mini news sites? Pay our own healthcare? I want to work for CNN one day and I want to have perfected the below “traits” but you know, I just cant help but feel cheated that all these skills & traits aren’t really monetarily rewarded.
If I sound like I am bitter, it’s coming out right. A job like this pays what? $35k a year for 50/60 hours a week? 😦 no bueno!

1. Entrepreneurial and Business Savvy
2. Programmer
3. Open-minded Experimenter
4. Multimedia Storyteller
5. The Social Journalist and Community Builder
6. Blogger and Curator
7. Multi-skilled
8. Fundamental Journalism Skills

*This post was written for a USC course on Entrepreneurship in New Media Dec. 02, 2009


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