CNN iPhone App! News on the Go

I love it! O.M.G!
But, and there is always a but – I am shaking my fist in the air – I renewed my contract with AT&T earlier this year and got a Blackberry. Which means I can’t get the special half off deal for an iPhone until I’m two years into my contract. booooo.
And I just can’t bring myself to spend $400+ for a cell phone.
BUT! if an iPhone fell of the back of a truck somewhere, then I would most def spend the $2 for the CNN iPhone application!

It’s so beautiful! Live newscasts, video-on-demand, notifications on available content AND live breaking reports over Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE. AMAZING!

If navigating through interactive images was not enough, this new application allows instant filings for iReport and sharing stories on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just attracting an audience, its engaging the audience. Huge difference in our modern social-interactive world.

CNN is on the money on this too, charging $2 is pocket change for someone that has already spend money to have a state of the art phone. Not sure what the $2 covers, maybe costs of development or stories, but it’s the equivalent of iTunes charging for a song. And what’s $2 for an application on a $400 phone? More than likely, this user also buys the monthly multi-media bundle associated with the phone, which is not cheap.

Have I mentioned how great I think the app is? Because it is. It’s awesome.

Now, if only I actually HAD an iPhone.

*This post was written for a USC course on Entreprenuership in New Media Sept. 29, 2009

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