Embedded Codes or Nothin’.

Early in the course I used the class as therapy in my outcry of hating all news websites that refused to give embedded codes to their news clips. I find the practice so 2000-and-late.
I decided to take an inventory of local news programming, here are the results:

CBS2 & KCAL9: While the website now provides a LINK to only a few of their air segments, they are still not providing the embedded code. I can send a link as an email. The segments now also have a 30 second commercial that cannot be skipped. VERY LAME.

NBC4: They recently had a facelift on the website and is now more clean and crisp feel. Each video now has a 17 second commercial that cannot be bypassed. Each news story has a Twiiter and Facebook icon to easily share, as well as a “send as email” and link. But no embedded code. LAME.

KTLA5: 10 second commercial before news clips cannot be avoided, options: send as email, link, share on Twitter, Facebook, DIGG, and MySpace, and most importantly, they DO provide the embedded code so that the video can be posted on an outside blog. COOL.

Very nice news set up, easy to find stories, NO COMMERCIAL, straight to segment, able to link, email, share embedded code, share on Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, SAVE, Delicious, ShareThis, RSS feed, Google Bookmarks, Buzz Up, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Blogger, Windows Live, Reddit, Bebo, Yahoo Bookmarks, Mixx, Propeller, Xanga, Twackle, Technorati, WordPress, Blinklist, Diigo, FriendFeed, Newsvine, Twine, Fark, Faves, Live Journal, Oknotizie, Simpy, Mr Wong, Kirsty, Care2, Blogmarks, Current, Slashdot, Meneame, N4G, Add to BX, Fresqui, Yigg, Funp, Dealspl.us, Sphinn, and Typad. I dont use ALL of these, but the options are there. VERY COOL.

MyFox11 & KCOP13: 20 second FOX brand commercial cannot be bypassed, able to email, and embedded code is provided. No other media share sites are provided. The same website is used for both stations to maximize space and resources. LAME.


KWHY Canal 22: All text. No video. No Nothing. Nada. MUY MALO. (very bad).

Univison 34: News section very organized, 30 second commercial before segment cannot be avoided, able to send as email, able to link, embedded code is provided, able to share with: MySpace, Facebook, DIGG, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, and Windows Live. MUY BUENO. (very good).

Telemundo 52: Videos were not able to play on my laptop, I need to get the latest plugin, which my laptop for some reason wont download. Frustrating. Videos seem to be limited and non-local, more national scale. However, a link is provided to share segment, as well as email, share on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, and Delicious. NO embedded code provided. BUENO. (good).

Winner of the Wendy New Media Usefulness Test: ABC7. There goes that news van again! Followed by Spanish language Univision, who is using all the English language tools to promote their stories and engage their online audience. Well done!

*This post was written for a USC course on Entrepreneurship in New Media Dec. 01, 2009


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