Sidekick FAIL

Background: The “cloud” – a service where users rely on a company’s server to store data, making this data available from any computer, anywhere in the world. Popular example: Google. Store your pictures, email, phone numbers, contacts, documents, calender, favorite websites, etc, in the “cloud” – the Google server.
Not all servers are the same, not all clouds are the same, not all clouds are Google.

“Living in the cloud” is not always what its cracked out to be.
Talk to new media gossip entrepreneur Perez Hilton who is leading the charge against mobile giant T-Mobile about it and prepare to hear how relying on the cloud has potentially ruined his business.
On October 9th he penned typed an open letter on his blog demanding that T-Mobile do something about the week long dead service where contacts, emails and data were literally unavailable to users.
Or you can just read his twitter updates.
One of his latest really exemplifies how he feels about his lost 2,000 contacts.

@tmobile_usa I hope your bullshit company goes bankrupt! And Danger even more so! And FUCK YOU Microsoft too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danger is the Microsoft subsidiary that developed and operates the Sidekick. What a fitting name. Unfortunately, during the apocalyptic server death of Danger, they lost all user data. Emails, phone numbers, data, all gone.
Aside from pursuing legal action against the corporate giant, there is a lesson to be learned.
No matter how technologically advance you are or how much you love living in the cloud, technology is a man-made service with obvious potential flaws.
Back up your data.

*This post was written for a USC course on Entreprenuership in New Media Oct. 11, 2009


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