The Fall of Geocities

And just like that, the ancient Rome equivalent of internet web-design has fallen. Geocities is no more.
Owned and operated by Yahoo! since 1999 perhaps it was a lack of innovation that did the company in.
Although it was considered one of the most original business ventures of its day, GeoCities, originally founded in 1995, was bought by Yahoo! for $3.6 billion.
At that time, GeoCities was the 3rd most popular website, following AOL and Yahoo! with and average of 19 million daily visitors.

*This post was written for a USC course on Entreprenuership in New Media Oct. 27, 2009
Do people still use AOL?

With basic templates, user interface of HTML coding, bland designs and the growth of other more creative design sites, it was really just a matter of time.
The growth of GoDaddy – a company that sells domain and web space (and others like it), and the ease in which social media networks like MySpace and Facebook create an automatic following and networking sharing platform, GeoCities had no chance to compete.
It stayed behind hoping to maintain a base that was moving forward with technology.
There is a lesson.
There is no loyalty if innovation is not part of the process.
10 years ago, no one could have predicted Facebook. GeoCities was king.
10 years from now… we will have to see.

*This post was written for a USC course on Entrepreneurship in New Media Oct. 27, 2009


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