Snow Covered San Gabriel Mountains

View of Snow Covered San Gabriel Mountains from East Los Angeles.

Every morning, at what seems to be the crack of dawn, I do my due diligence as the older sister and take my younger sister and our neighbor to ELAC and then drop off my little sister at Bravo High. I figure that not having a ride is not going to deter them from an education. We do what we must, right?

Anywho this morning after a blizzard like Los Angeles night, from the hills of City Terrace in East Los Angeles, this amazing view was before us. Wilson High School on the horizon caressed by the snow covered San Gabriel Mountains. In all my years living in East Los Angeles, I have never seen snow so low.

It was quite majestic, and it explained why there was ice on my windows. Off course the sight of all this powder made us realize two things, we are not prepared for this weather, and climate change is in fact, very real.


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