Education in War Zones, Tyre, Lebanon

Tyre, Lebanon Photograph by Jeroen Oerlemans. A boy saves a few books from the rubble of his home, a six story apartment building which was bombed by the Israeli air force. The building was in the middle of a densely populated area in the city of Tyre. Three casualties were reported.

I saw this picture and was very moved.

The photograph is part of “The Shooting War: An exclusive collection of work by the world’s most acclaimed conflict photographers,” by Foreign Policy.

The ability to obtain an education is taken for granted in the United States. I would implore all of my readers/listeners to really take a good look at this picture. Realize that bombs are not going off here in the U.S. and get yourself on a plan. If you don’t have a car, get on the bus, if you don’t have money for the bus, walk, ride a bike, do whatever it is that you need to do to get yourself an education.  Some people aren’t as fortunate to live in a system that offers so much financial aid and resources.  All you need to do is seek them out. So get off your ass and do the damn thang.

No excuses.

“The future belongs to those that prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

From the site:

Things He Carried: Dutch photojournalist Oerlemans took this photograph while reporting from Tyre, in southern Lebanon, during the 34-day summer war with Israel. “I was just returning from shooting the arrival of some humanitarian aid to the besieged town,” he recalls, “when, right in front of me, a five- or six-story building went up in smoke.” Oerlemans ran toward the wrecked building, where, he says, “I witnessed the first casualties being carried away from the scene. In the smoldering ruins, dazed people were stumbling around, some trying to get themselves together, others frantically pulling others from underneath the rubble.” An air alarm went off, indicating the Israeli bombers might return. “Everyone fled,” Oerlemans says. But this boy remained, “stoically” wandering through the smoke. “We never spoke,” the photographer recalls. “I’m not sure why he was picking up those books.”



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