Anderson Cooper Super Hero

I saw this pic of Anderson Cooper on his Facebook page…

First let me say, that I love Anderson Cooper, but this pic is a bit much for me, too super-heroe-y.

His coverage of Haiti has been great, but to convey  this savior image is… oh what’s the word I’m looking for here…privileged.



2 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper Super Hero

  1. Sad Girl says:

    I’ve been following Anderson’s career since he was on ABC late late at night. He doesn’t think he’s a hero at all.On the contrary, he’s very modest and self effacing. He does sponsor the CNN Heroes program which honors 10 people from around the world who are making differences in their communities. Last year’s winner was a literacy teacher from the Philippines.

  2. wc says:

    yes, like i said, i like his career and i am a big fan. i just dont like this image. i think it sends the wrong message. it does look a bit savior-like.

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