Writing Recommendation Letters

It doesn’t seem like too long ago, I was the one asking for recommendation letters. In fact, just two years ago, I was finishing my last-minute application to USC and I was nervous about my entire packet. Wondering if I would finish it in time, if I would have my rec letters in order and simply wondering, “am I really applying to Grad school?”

Well, long story short, I got in, I tried (sometimes not as hard as I should have), wrote my thesis, and graduated just this past December. I realized throughout my time at USC that it was my rec letters that made a huge impact on my acceptance.

And now, that I am asked to write letters for other student journalists seeking scholarships from organizations that are established to help young talent, I look at my experience in bewilderment. When did I become the professional? There are so many moments in my every day life where  I wonder when I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. I love being allegedly older and wiser. And to think that now, my recommendation merits a sence of power of persuassion, its like WOW. How cool is that?


One thought on “Writing Recommendation Letters

  1. Random Hero says:

    Super cool, that’s why I asked you instead of P3000. It’s moments like this, which I’ve had my fair share of too, that we see how much progress we’ve made because we’re to busy to notice.

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