Lalo Alcaraz vs. CSUF MEChA

Lalo Alcaraz' cover for awesome comic strip on Census

The telenovela that is unfolding on Facebook with national cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz and his updates on what seems to involve CSUF MEChA students, a sign that read “special featured artist LALO ALCA…RAZ”, some art and some bad event is as juicy as a spicy jalapeno!

Alcaraz, the man behind “La Cucaracha” comic strip has officially declared a Facebook MEChA smackdown on the Mechistas from Cal State University Fullerton! Maybe Lalo is having a bad day since MALDEF kept telling him the wrong date that his 20 page comic book encouraging Latino Census efforts would debut in LA Opinion newspaper (today!) or maybe he has some legitimate beef carne asada with the Mechistas, but either way, I hope a good cartoon comes out of it!

[Sidebar: A few of you have asked, “Where can I get a copy of the 100% awesome MALDEF Comic Book?” So here’s the deal, apparently, the comic book was made in limited quantity to be distributed via La Opinion Newspaper. The comic insert was available on the Monday April 5th edition. So, if you can, go buy it and support!]

Personally, I have always had certain unapologetic issues with MEChA groups who disregard professionals as vendidos or those other MEChA extreme nationalist groups who think they are above all other brown people because their trenzas are longer or because they got a brand new Che shirt. Whatever.

So I am glad that Lalo is putting them on blast. Below is the up to the minute account of the shenanigans. Latest on the bottom. Anna Diaz Villela, whom I dont know, but share three friends in common with and who has a default pic of a dia de los muertos bride posing with a female and male student (don’t know who is who), has responded to Lalo’s allegations of mistreatment over the sharpie non-elitist-artist sign on Facebook for all to see… let’s see where this drama takes us…


Lalo Alcaraz Thank you TUCSON, had a great time and a good show at the U of A for the SJEP group, doing good work in Educational Justice. Happy Easter everybody! Later I will tell you all about how I became the target of a Cal State Fullerton MEChA Power Trip© on Saturday night at their Art Fair event, which I had to remove myself… from to preserve my last shred of dignity… LOL!!!

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Lalo Alcaraz SO…Saturday morning I dragged my ass from TUCSON to LAX, took a Super Shuttle to Fullerton, got a ride to the event for an early setup for this CSU Fullerton MEChA/ The Spanish Club (Sorry dont remember the Spanish acronym) so that I could support the event put on by these CSUF Raza students, setup and dress up my little table with

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Lalo Alcaraz whatever I could pull out of my smelly LUGGAGE (I had been on the road (in Mesa and Phx) since 430am WEDNESDAY morning, like cardboard, old posters, tape, etc…so I tape a crappy sign I made with sharpie and tape from my stint at the San Diego Film Festival 2 weeks before, that said: “special featured artist LALO ALCA…RAZ” and about 45 minutes into the sparsely attended event, my host

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Lalo Alcaraz and another young woman from MEChA, march up to my table and demanded that I take down my sign. I was a little stunned, and thought I had misheard them. “Your sign is not promoting equality among the other artists,” or something to that effect is what she said. I said, “You;re kiddding me, right?” hoping for a late April Fools gag.

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Lalo Alcaraz I told them it was kind of a joke, and it was just an old sign I grabbed from my bag from an old event, and that I didnt mean anything by it, but they DEMANDED all up in my old MEChA grill that I must take it down- as I had put up a sign that says: “VIVA SHERIFF JOE” or “Support your local Border Patrol”…! I told them,

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Lalo Alcaraz “Uh, I dont think people are really going to think I’m trying to make myself out to be better than anyone else, or do you think people are really stupid?” Apparently they are! I instantly felt the way I feel at art auctions/benefits and other events where artists are invited to setup their art, donate pieces, participate in silent auctions,

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Lalo Alcaraz generally dress up a joint with artwork, then don’t sell a damn thing because we are just there for window dressing. I was invited by these students to be at their event, and didnt appreciate the effort I made to be there- I could have blown them off and gone straight home from my 4 day lecture trip in Arizona to see my family and spend time with my 3 little kids

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Lalo Alcaraz who were missing their dad, but I wanted to support the MEChistas, and make a little bit of extra cash for my 3 little kids, and I was rudely commanded to take down my crinkly taped up sign. They could of asked me nicely, but their MEChA instincts kicked in, and I was not a current member,

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Lalo Alcaraz so it didnt work out for them… Serves me right! I told them, okay, I will take it down, but really, I took everything down and got the hell out of there! Oh god, I was so pissed off for wasting 5 hours of my life that I packed my shit up and walked about half a mile til I found

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Lalo Alcaraz The Cantina Lounge and bought myself a beer with the $10 I made selling one poster! Thats when I started laughing my ass off. My family picked me up, my kids were sooo happy to see me. I guess I really felt annoyed because I think I’m the last adult proponent of MEChA (that’s not affiliated with a university!) and I al…ways celebrate my time at SDSU and Berkeley MEChAs, as “the guy who made the fliers in MEChA.”

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Lalo Alcaraz So, the moral of the story is, what? It’s NOT boycott MEChA, that’s for sure! Maybe students should just try to pick up some manners when you ask professionals for help, support, whatever… So, that’s what happened! Like my new homie out at MESA Community College, the guy in MEChA who makes the fliers, “Stiven” (thats… kind of his name) told me, ‘MECHA ROCKS YOUR PINCHE FACE!”

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Lalo Alcaraz On the much brighter side: Tomorrow is the revelation of my formerly TOP SECRET Project for MALDEF: I drew a 20 page full color Comic Book on the 2010 Census, encouraging Raza to complete their Census forms, and it’s being distributed through LA OPINION starting Monday, (100, 000 copies!) and nationally, and an English language version is on the way.

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Anna Diaz Villela Lalo-MEChA did not go on a power trip; all we did was ask you nicely to please take down your sign (that you said was a joke from a previous event) in order to have equality and inclusivity among all artists and performers. All participants were a crucial part of Arte de la Calle. If you felt offended, I do apologize, but that was not our intention to do so.

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Anna Diaz Villela These types of situations should be reminders that if one has success that they should also have humility and be respectful of all expressions of art; no one is better or less of person, we are all equal. As former MEChistA, you should remember that carnarlismo and hermandad are some of the key concepts in the MEChA ph…ilosophy, and as a comunidad, we should be working together, learn from our struggles, and grow with each experience that we encounter.

Anna Diaz Villela We, MEChA de CSUF, respect you as an artist and your contributions to the community, and we ask to you be to respectful as well by not writing about this experience which can hinder the struggle that MEChistAs across the country have worked for many years because it would be another reason for marginalization of the fe…w socially and politically conscious organizations on campus by the higher powers at each institution.

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Anna Diaz Villela If there is any way to resolve this, we are gladly to have a discussion between yourself and MEChA de CSUF.
Anna Diaz Villela
External Rep for MEChA de CSUF

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Lalo Alcaraz Dear Anna from CSUF MEChA: How could you let your MEChA friend talk to me like that? We were having such a pleasant time discussing Nayarit and how you don’t claim the OC, and you guys came at me like good cop/bad cop, and it seems you guys didn’t care I had come all the way from Arizona to be there, and you spoke to m…e like I was some kind of spotlight hogging child.

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Lalo Alcaraz How about to resolve this little situation that hurts the image of Raza college students(not just MEChA), next time you host artists and ask professionals to donate time and effort, BEND OVER BACKWARDS AND BE SUPER NICE AND UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATIVE AND DON’T TELL THEM WHAT TO DO, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Tha…t would make me happy. And don’t lecture them about MEChA and carnalismo on their Facebook page…

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3 thoughts on “Lalo Alcaraz vs. CSUF MEChA

  1. Antonio Perales Hierro says:

    EEE!! Sorry to hear of diferencias between MeChA and Lalo Alcaraz…I truly hope that’s settled, for the good of all of us. I ran across this page while seeking MeChA contacts, to invite you to look over my blog–xlowrider times pancho villa. It is actually a series of Picasa Web Albums, the format being very useful for my purposes, i.e.: separate albums for different topics. One of the most important albums, for me, is Hate Crime Review & Parody wherin I kick my psycho-violent-bigoted brother’s butt, and out him for the pendejo machista that he is: a Fresno ctivist of some fifty years, but actually “buned out” for some forty of those years. This is a cautionary tale from a gay man fed up with the foolish hypermasculine attitudes that destroy our families, varrios and social-organizing, and which I have encountered way too often in my own forty-three years of observing and participating in El Movimiento. Keep the faith, Antonio Perales

  2. Antonio Perales Hierro says:

    Anna Diaz Villela: It is utterly shocking to read that you ask Lalo Alcaraz not to write about his terrible experience with MeChA, apparently believing that some “higher powers” might use it to harm MeChA (or the communities that MeChA represents). Clearly you were rude to a national/international figure who works hard to serve our raza’s needs, and enlighten and educate the broader community, of any color or origin about our issues. You were rude to someone who is outstanding for his unique take on these issues, and who uses humor well in making the whole palatable and educational also. I wonder how you treat people of lesser stature then he. And then you compound the problem that you youself created by attempting to lecture him, and also to throw a lot of empty verbiage between yourself and your pendejada. Your most salient features are your buzz-headed thougtlessness, as well as your over the top aggresssion, all the while demonstrating your own condition of being seriously ego-ridden. In other words you are aggessively shameless, and your ill-conceived notions about keeping a lid on this is way out of place. What MeChA, and the varrios that it purports to represent and serve deserve TRANSPARENCY–not secrecy, on exactly such issues as this–your thinking is utterly backwards. You come across like the simplistic vatos machistas which I cannot avoid noticing infest our social organizing everywhere, and who perhaps have been your role models. This “real man” foolishness is everywhere among the various organizations we have created, as well as heavy duty across the border, from where our raza brings it. The machistas in our midst, when their efforts are examined, show a proclivity towards aggressive ATTENTION GETTING, and then promoting issues that aggressivly serve vatos, and not women, children, and for sure not the GLBT community, being divisive as hell, and compartmentalising our politica-which is exactly what our mutual oppressor/exploiter wants. You had better go back to square one and educate yourself, because there are plenty of racist and expolitive reps for this cowardly system who are sharp enough to see this serious fissure in our raza’s cultural make-up, and willingly and effectively use it against us, kind of like the martial arts jiu-jitsu where you use your opponents bad movidas against him or her. It seems to work perfectly on you. From what I see here, you work for The Man, and are completely oblivious to that fact. . Let me make an educated guess about your character: you want to see yourself as a “leader” get off it, and instead look to posit yourself as a humble learner. To be a “leader” means you seek followers, you WAY do not deserve that. This hypermasculinist trend in our Latino/Mex Am/Chicano cultures is ubiquitous and destructive. I see these traits in our families; among the utter pedejos at Lowrider Magazine where I worked (I came up with the logo) , and in MAPA; Chicano Democrats; in the San Jose Califas cultural center I attempted to work with; among the teatro groups; in other words: everywhere, so that I can see how easy it is for someone who knows no better to latch on to what only amounts to razz-matazz to suit an empty little soul, and to “look good”. Check out my blog, I deal with these issues-or find some other venue of enlightement. But, grow ass up, girl, get off the ego-tripping, because I hope there’s better minds in your branch of MeChA. Do not forget that besides depriving our people of good education, jobs and housing, this sick system has left behind serious social pathologies and ignorance–and I notice no small amount of plain ordinary rudeness in our midst. Dying cultures transmit cultural death. Look upon Lalo as a cultural treasure as you would with Dolores Huerta, or Cesar Chavez, or MLK, or any number of figures deserving respect and accomodation, and not foolish and provincial attitude. C/S

  3. Antonio Perales Hierro says:

    In other words Anna Diaz Villela: you come across like a female Gang-Banger/Primadonna. The more you twist, turn and protest , the more you reveal the emptiness in your personal cultura, your intellect and in your soul. Did you realise that you wrote a posting on the Internet about keeping something secret?…where millions can read it? How attuned to reality is that? Anna, the world is full of people who seem to know instinctively how to CLIMB, and how to cut and slash at anyone who might notice, or differ with them in any way as they move up the imaginary ladder to twisted ego fullfilment. Take a class in psychology, and read your own psyche–take another in comparative cultura–and, if you can possibly manage it, look around for healthy-minded and polite people to emulate, because as an ambassador for your raza–you flunk.

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