“Woman of the Year”

Senator Gloria Romero and I, the updated picture.

When I was a little girl growing up in East Los Angeles, I had many dreams. I would stay up late at night dreaming up my dream life, wondering how I would get there. Last Friday, as I stood amongst the distinguished women being honored by Senator Romero, and as I received the recognition of “Woman of the Year” for Senate District 24, I felt a moment of “wow, how did I get here?”

A beautiful Resolution from the state of California on behalf of the Senator bears my name, and with such honors, comes great responsibility. I hope to be able to carry on this title with the honor it deserves. It was truly an amazing moment to share with my friends, family and the many invited guests. To receive this honor for my work with Power 106 and our “Knowledge is Power” program is simply the icing on the cake. I am so lucky to be able to use the radio airways to promote education, college access, civic engagement and talk to all of our awesome listeners – all of whom make my job so easy!

This is the last year that Senator Romero will honor women in her district, as she is set to leave the Senate later this year. I am very privileged to be her last honoree for “Woman of the Year.” We have come a long way since we met! Thank you to everyone who made this day extra special!

Wendy's Posse, Represent!

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