Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance tragically used to organize boycott of San Francisco hotels #labor #lgbt

I am the first to admit that Lady Gaga is simply genius and her world wide appeal is a phenomenon that man will never understand.

However, and there is a HUGE however, it really should be against the law to take Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” re-do the lyrics and use it as a stunt to draw attention to hotel workers in San Francisco who are “fighting to win a fair contract and affordable healthcare.”

What do they want?! A boycott!

And how are they gonna get it?! By cleverly changing “Bad Romance” to “Bad Hotel!”


Not only is this simply embarrassing to watch, but the lyrics are incredibly juvenile. Yes, I know, it takes courage, bravery, and blah blah blah to perform this in front of oh, I don’t know, the five people in the lobby, but surely there are more effective ways to get things done – like umm, actually organizing the workers.

The flashmob was organized by LGBTQ activists who hope to also educate people that will be flocking to San Francisco in June for Pride. A suggestion: why not list the hotels that you want people to boycott on your website? I visited, and no information was available. Just a blog post on your video. Good job there.

If I had the power, I would revoke the organizers Castro District credentials, because there are little monsters (Gaga’s fans) all over the world right now crying over this horrible rendition of “Bad Romance” – myself included.

Sadly, this gets a giant FAIL in my book of organizing techniques. And yes, I do in fact have a book.

To learn more about the actual boycott, the workers and the hotels you should avoid:…


5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance tragically used to organize boycott of San Francisco hotels #labor #lgbt

  1. Ramses says:

    This action was done in solidarity with the hotel workers who 1) are organized under UNITE HERE (look up all places to boycott under their website) and 2) are without a contract because the Hotel bosses don’t want to give in to healthcare benefits as demanded and needed by the workers. These hotel chains make billions. It’s time for them to stop being greedy “bad hotels” and respect their workers by signing a good contract with them.

    Using Lady Gaga’s song was very appropriate. I don’t know why you have such a hard time with it. Now the whole country is finding out that the LGBTQ community in SF-Bay Area is more in favor of workers than greedy corporations. This flashmob action was a political statement, not an audition for Idol or such.

    This action was just one of many so far and more to come. I can only hope popular activities like flashmobs began to have significant relevance to our society like this one did.

    From SF with workers love.

  2. gerry says:

    I don’t get it – you just didn’t like the song? I’d love to know what kind of solidarity actions you would think are “appropriate” for SF-area pro-worker LGBT activists. I think the main point of this action was to demonstrate clearly that the queer community supports the workers’ fight, and Gaga is just perfect for that.

    That’s a good definition of “solidarity” – people supporting anothers’ struggle and contributing in a way that makes the most sense for them.

    And don’t worry about “actually organizing the workers”. Hotel workers are talking to their co-workers and organizing their own boycott, an impressive feat by any measure, but I don’t think that was the point of this video.

  3. wc says:

    Honestly, it’s just a bad video and it made me uncomfortable as I watched it. I was actually embarrassed for you. I commend your efforts, but I wouldn’t brag about it. I’d have to think for a moment on solidarity movements, but changing the lyrics to Lady Gaga and performing it in the lobby just screams a bit “attention seekers” and not necessarily “solidarity.” It brings up issues of class, identity, hierarchy, hegemony and seems a bit disingenuous. I highly doubt the Guatemalan immigrant worker who breaks her back making beds all day has any clue as to what you’re trying to pull off – she’s worried about her kids, her job and her healthcare.

    Here, I came up w/ some ideas: why not do mini interviews w/ the workers, who they are, what they want, put their faces behind their movement so that the people that will be attending Pride and staying at these hotels, make a connection. Add some moving music and show us what’s at stake. Social justice and inequalities go far beyond changing the world through cheesy flashmobs. One day it’s healthcare, the next day its marriage equality. You want to create change? Do it outside your comfort zone, you got some cameras, time, and obviously creative people, so go, be creative.

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