Fox News Continues to Attack The Dream Act

Fox News, you are so dumb. For reals.

Lou Dobbs falsely claims Dream Act “permits those who have avoided their deportation hearings … [t]hose guilty of misdemeanors”

See Media Matters Video HERE.

Dobbs: Dream Act “permits those who have avoided their deportation hearings … [t]hose guilty of misdemeanors.” On the November 23 edition of America’s Newsroom, Lou Dobbs stated that the Dream Act “permits those who have avoided their deportation hearings, have avoided hearings of all sorts on immigration. Those guilty of misdemeanors, DUI — all of that is wide open.”

In fact, Dream Act requires that applicants have “good moral character” and are not “deportable for various criminal offenses.” The Dream Act sets several requirements that an individual would have to meet in order to qualify for conditional permanent resident status. He or she:

  • Must have “been physically present in the United states for a continuous period of not less than 5 years” preceding enactment of the bill
  • Was not yet “16 years [old] at the time of initial entry”
  • Has been “a person of good moral character since the time of application”
  • Is not inadmissible or deportable for various criminal offenses
  • Has “been admitted to an institution of higher education” in the U.S., or has earned a high school diploma or obtained a GED in the U.S.

Media Matters has more on Dream Act Bill on their site. READ IT HERE.

More info on Dream Act visit:

5 thoughts on “Fox News Continues to Attack The Dream Act

  1. stonedpatriot says:

    the dream act is treason!! if you want to be technacal about it then one legalized person can bring over their parents then the parents can petition for other family and then they can petition for other family and on and on and on and on. my question to the open border foundation funded propagandists is if this sick bill passes will you people be for sealing the border? no you wont will you?! please read the s.p.p. documents!!! that drug dealing tyrant vicente fox said it was the beginnings of a north american union! thats why illegal immigration must be stopped asasp!!! la invasora will never happen! california and texas belong to america and dont think i see la raza and mecha aka the brown kkk calling for the plan of aztlan and the plan of san diego! put that in your pipe and smoke it you open border traitors

  2. stonedpatriot says:

    and let me add that bringing illegals over to serve in these illegal meat grinders called war is pathetic. i dont want a foriegn army its how countries get overthrown

  3. stonedpatriot says:

    now that i read the article again i see you link to media matters. thats fantastic! media matters is openly funded by george soros. george soros should be in prison for market manipulation. he has caused countless deaths and famine and is a mass murderer! soros is an admitted globalist who does not believe in borders for any country and constantly talks about a new world order. that guy is a tyrant and media matters is a joke.

  4. stonedpatriot says:

    i see that wendy does work with voto latino. another ford foundation backed operation. ford foundation is worse than soros and media matters! ford foundation gives billions to shoot people up with deadly vaccines in the 3rd world including mexico guatamale and el salvadore! ford foundation openly states that they want a one world government and are behind the scenes pushing for it! ford foundation hates brown people! they are a bunch of elitist scum! people need to wake up and see the big picture! but why do i have a feeling wendy knows all this and is just a race baiter with no real arguments. keep playing your part to divide people wendy!

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