Saved By The Bell and California Dreams!

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

I’m sorry, I have been a bad girlfriend viewer. I was so excited when you first came on, and I would watch religiously. Then I got some sort of job and started grad school and I had to go to bed early and I didn’t have a DVR and by the time I got home, I would watch LOST and Ugly Betty and that was pretty much it…

Anywho, wasting time on the Facebook, I saw someone post a clip of that old show you use to be on, SNL, with a Mark McGrath parody with that kids that did that movie about Facebook. Back in the day, Mark from OMG! Sugar Ray! was my #2 white boy crush, and in thinking of him, I got to thinking of my #1 white boy crush, Zach Morris.

So then, naturally, I googled Zach Morris and BAM! There he was on your show! I was like whaaaaat?!! How could I have missed this oh-so-awesome moment?!! I realized that by not watching your show, I was really just cheating on myself. That mistake will never happen again and now that I do have a DVR, it’s so totally set to record all of your shows. I will not be a victim any longer Jimmy! I will not negate the awesomeness that was my childhood / teenage TV revived by you. I deserve all the 90’s pop culture reference you throw my way dammit!

And although I am so 2000-and-late on this, on behalf of 30-somethings everywhere… Thank you Jimmy!

Your loyal DVR fan (not that it matters since I don’t have a Neilson box),


Sadly, the old gang didn’t get back together for the reunion. Kelly was like too busy or something. Whatever!

Needless to say, Jimmy had a back up! Yes, the show AFTER Save By The Bell, California Dreams!!! AHHHH!!!!
Surf Dudes with Attitude! Good Vibrations!

Sigh. Happiness all around. My only question – where was Diana Uribe who played the fiery Lorena Costa?! and what about Aaron Jackson who played the adorable lead singer of The Dreams, Mark Winkle?!

Sigh… that was a stroll down teenage memory lane… it’s no wonder I have a thing for good natured boy next door types who play guitar! 🙂


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