Podcast: NACCS Political Tardea to Save Ethnic Studies

Arizona law HB2281 would ban ethnic studies and continue to keep community in the dark towards identity, role in American history and basic knowledge. When is enough, enough?

CSUN Professor Gerry Meraz stopped by the studio last Sunday to discuss the growing hatred against hate speech towards Latinos and the fear against Ethnic Studies. Artist Lysa Flores shares an exclusive “Mexican-American Girl” off her new cd, it’s dope!
Listen HERE.

Check out the Political Tardeada that will take place Saturday, April 2nd at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Pasadena to raise money in support of the looming legal battles. Join the Los Angeles Committee to Support Ethnic Studies (LACSES), the National Association of Chicano/Chicana Studies (NACCS), and Latino Heritage Pasadena (LHP), for a night that will truly be inspiring and will motivate you to take action.

Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING!


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