3 Days without Power in Highland Park

I sent the below email to my colleagues,  followed by this amazing tweet to our Mayor and awesome Dept. of Water and Power

@WendyCarrillo: What am I suppose to do w/ warm vodka@villaraigosa @LADWP, when will my lights be back up? #HighlandPark =(




Hi team,

Just FYI, I have been w/out power since the wind storm, so 3 days now.

I have no way to power up my phones, laptop, etc. I’m told the Dept. of Water and Power is “working as fast as possible” to get things working again.

Whew, that’s a relief, how fast is fast anyways?

The street lights don’t work, the lamp posts don’t work, and off course, all my food has now gone bad. YEY!

I can’t even make myself a drink because my vodka is now warm. And who wants warm vodka?

It’s like the freaking wild wild west.

I feel a little like Will Smith in that one movie about being the last man on earth.

It’s just me, my cats, and the darkness. No zombies. Yet. 

Have a great weekend!

– Wendy 

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