Will East L.A. Have a Chance at Cityhood?

Originally aired on 01.22.12 on “Knowledge is Power” on KPWR Los Angeles.

Considered by many as the cultural, social, and political focal point of the Mexican-American community in the United States, the 140,000 residents of unincorporated East Los Angeles are ready for Cityhood.

Joining me on Knowledge is Power is Kristie Hernandez, a lifelong resident of East Los Angeles, a member of the East Los Angeles Residents Association and one of a handful of young people leading the efforts to make East Los Angeles into its own city.

At 9a.m. on Wednesday, January 25th, East LA residents and supporters will attend a public meeting at the Kenneth Hall of Administration building in Downtown Los Angeles to demand that more time be given for the cityhood process. Click HERE for more details.

Four years in the making, the cityhood campaign has gained the support of community leaders, residents, business associations, and elected officials. The East Los Angeles Residents Association have collected over 16,000 signatures and raised thousands of dollars with car washes, menudo breakfasts’ and door knocking for a report on the feasibility of incorporating East L.A. as a city.

After more than $200,000 in processing fees to analyze the fiscal liabilities of East L.A., it is still undetermined where local tax dollars are being spent.

The group is calling for fair representation and accountability. If East Los Angeles were to become its own city, the group feels residents would be better represented by a local government who understand the immediate needs of the community and could be held accountable for improving the quality of life for residents.

Right now, East L.A. is served by County Supervisor Gloria Molina, whose County District represents 2 million other residents.

Listen to interview:

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