Arizona GOP Debate: Issues and Words

Words matter. Subconsciousness or present, what we hear (or don’t hear) sticks.

As I watched tonight’s GOP debate in Arizona, I was struck by how the debate was overpowered by four (white) men who continuously want to talk about a woman’s right to choose, be it birth control or otherwise, while doing very little to actually talk about the critical issues affecting everyday Americans. Hello! Please stop trying to  push your ideas into my uterus!

So I decided to do a word count. Using the transcript from The Weekly Standard, I gathered the below details.

In addition, in case you missed it, Latinos had a twitter party while watching the GOP Arizona debate. Check out #belatino & #cnndebate. It was pretty cool.

The candidates you heard from the most:

Rick Santorum: 4,895 words

Mitt Romney: 4,674 words

Ron Paul: 2,987 words

Newt Gingrich: 2,921 words

So, if you were wondering who won, it would be Santorum, simply on his gift of gab.

For the next portion of my experiment and while using no scientific method whatsoever, I randomly searched for key words and found that while candidates mentioned “birth control” 10 times and “Planned Parenthood” 6 times, they mentioned “Jobs” 8 times and Veterans issues only once. =(

Unemployment, foreclosures, economic recovery, social issues, Eh. Over rated topics, ya know? Why address anything when you can blame the current administration?

Rounding out the top five words mentioned: Government, Obama, Budget, America, and Education. I’ll throw in the sixth word as a bonus: WAR.


Word count on issues and critical terms:

Afghanistan – 3

America – 20

Bailout – 9

Birth Control – 10

Budget – 22

Contraception – 4

Defense – 10

Democrats – 3

Dukakis – 1

Education – 18

Employment – 4

Fear – 1

Fiscal Conservative – 4

Foreclosures – 0

Government – 69

Healthcare – 0

Illegals – 1

Immigrants – 4

Immigration – 6

Iraq – 1

Jobs – 8

Limited Government – 2

Obama – 38

Obamacare – 4

Occupy – 1

Planned Parenthood – 6

Rape – 2

Religion – 3

Republicans – 6

Self-Deportation – 1

Taxes – 16

Veterans – 1

War – 17

Workers – 5


5 thoughts on “Arizona GOP Debate: Issues and Words

  1. The Sand Dune and The Snowman says:

    I would say you are pretty far off, especially when it comes to Ron Paul. You are taking words out of context and trying to make somebody look like a warmonger? I don’t think that is very fair.
    I totally appreciate that you have an opinion on the debate, but you clearly have no understanding of the constitution or government usurpation of powers.

    Also your 5th paragraph has a typo.

    1. wc says:

      I think you commented on my post after I made some edits. I’m no constitutional attorney by any means, but congratulations if you are. That’s impressive!

      1. The Sand Dune and The Snowman says:

        Hm, sorry if you only want people who agree with you to comment on your posts. I was hoping that if you replied to my comment it might be with something related to your post defending whatever your point of view is. Instead you used sarcastic undertones to avoid conversation and put somebody who is reading your blog down.

        The typo is still there.
        Here: So, if you were wondering who won, I would be Santorum, simply on his gift of gab.

  2. wc says:

    Listen here buddy, if you’re coming to my blog then proceed to tell me that I “clearly have no understanding of the constitution or government usurpation of powers” – be prepared for my sarcastic undertone. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Thanks for the typo catch. You’re awesome.🙂

  3. Darrien says:

    Your article is semi-ridiculous. You’d really have more followers if generally you didn’t come off like you hate men, especially men not of color.
    The “4 white men” – it’s got nothing to do with anything than they’re white. .. And they did not particularly want to talk about birth control, it was brought up, and then pressed for 5 or so minutes by John King. Santorum was the only one really talking about it, before the debate, the moderator basically made them all talk about it.
    Mitt Romney in the debate adjusted the issue to the problem of the Obama administration trying to make the Catholic Church give out (pay for) birth control, to all it’s employees, which is something they don’t believe in … That is a problem (whether you like birth control or not, like Romney or not, or the Catholic Church or not). Anyway the moderator (and questions picked, by CNN) sets the issues discussed.

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