A Recap of the Republican National Convention 2012

The Republican National Convention came to a close last week and to share some insight on what was said, what was not said, and everything in between, I was joined on my show “Knowledge is Power” on Power 106 for a roundtable discussion by:

Derrick Ashong – social media correspondent for BET, @ashong

Yarel Ramos – Mun2 correspondent, @yarel_ramos

Unai Montes Irueste – contributing writer for Politic365 @unaimi

By far, one of the best political conversations I’ve ever hosted as we dived into issues that concern minority communities and young voters, I asked the question: has the Republican party been hijacked by extremist to the point where minorities feel uncomfortable and not invited?

Does the rising star of Florida U.S Senator Marco Rubio represent the values of Latino voters? What would the U.S look like with Mitt Romeny as President?

All this and so much more, topics like education, immigration, healthcare and jobs were at the forefront of the conversation.

What are the issues that YOU are most passionate about? Does the Republican Party represent your values?

Listen to the show and let me know…


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