Romney Would Fire Big Bird and Ask Abelardo to Self Deport

So sad.

But Mittens probably doesn’t know who Abelardo is. Which, hello! is the Big Bird equivalent of Spanish language Plaza Sesamo.

In last night’s Presidential debate, when asked how he would tackle the deficit, a smiley faced Romney said, “I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually like you, too. But I’m not going to — I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.”

Never mind that Jim Lehrer is the executive editor and former host of PBS News Hour on PBS, which basically meant, “I like you Jim, but I’m going to fire you.” Romney didn’t make the connection that firing Jim would add to unemployment, which he says he is against. He’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs. EH?

Oh, and by the way, the Federal Government spends $450 Million per year on Public Broadcasting compared to $3.5 Trillion OVERALL. Cutting PBS has an impact of 0.012857142857142857% – a long way of saying less than .01%

It’s a little something called math, folks – which I learned with the help of Count von Count. Ha-Ha-Ha! (Rest in Peace Jerry Neslon, you are missed…)

PBS responded to the Presidential debate this morning by stating: “Governor Romney does not understand the value the American people place on public broadcasting and the outstanding return on investment the system delivers to our nation.”

In addition, for every $1 the Federal Government invests in PBS, they raise $6 from donors, like you and me.

Whoop, there it is.


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