A Poem by Black Men for Trayvon Martin

Shepard-Fairey-Trayvon-620x586There’s been a lot of talk and commentary about Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman verdict. All the while, I kept wondering, where are the black men in the conversation? I’ve talked with friends about this, bewildered at the idea of having a conversation about institutional racism without actually speaking to black men or young black boys. I’m sensitive to these issues. I get it. While I am a woman of color who fights battles everyday, I am not a young black man in America. I am not married to a black man, nor do I have bi-racial children. Each day on my Facebook I see posts about Trayvon and people changing their photos to show solidarity. I’ve read articles and opinion pieces and still, none seem to really give a voice to black men in America. That is, until this video. And I have to say, there is something inherently soothing, calming, and paternal about hearing the emotions behind the words portrayed in this video. It calls out to our humanity and demands that we FEEL SOMETHING, that we see and listen and stop making excuses for what we’ve let our society become.

Omari Hardwick, Marlon Wayans, David Oyelowo, Eriq La Salle and Gary Dourdan TRAYVON MARTIN Dedication
Written and Produced by Omari Hardwick.Directed by Mo McRae.
Featuring: Aaron D Spears, Affion Crockett, Bill Duke, Brian Dobbins, David Oweloyo, Eriq LaSalle, Gary Dourdan, Isaiah Roberts, Jay Ellis, Marlon Wayans, Mo McRae, Omar Benson Miller, Omari Hardwick, Robbie Jones, Pastor Toure Roberts, Sugar Shane Mosely,Wesley Jonathan, and Wren Brown.


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