Supporting Education with Cacique and Chef Aaron!

Wendy Carrillo and Chef Aaron Sanchez

Got the chance to meet Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez today for a very out-of-the-box event benefiting the Hispanic Scholarship Fund – a lunch fundraiser with Cacique as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary by pledging 100% of Food Truck profits to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.


Let me tell you why I loved it.

  1. I love food
  2. I love queso Cacique
  3. I love Chef Aaron (he’s cute! what?!)
  4. I received an HSF scholarship when I was in undergrad


So not only did I get to meet Chef Aaron, snap a photo, potentially even have him on my show, but I also got to try some of his awesome foodie food, ummm, hello there Tostadas with Cacique® Chorizo and Chile de Arbol Salsa (nom, nom, nom!), but by the 30min wait in line and the fact that they ran out of Shrimp Aguachile Tostaditas – to which Chef Aaron said, “Hey, sometimes you go to grandma’s house, and you eat lo que haiga!” seems like the fundraiser was a success! I hope they raise tons of money so that students like me, get an opportunity to continue their education.

As the first in my family to go to college in the United States, the scholarship I received in 2004 while I was a student studying Communications at Cal State LA, really helped me in my last semester. It was one of those moments where I was wondering, “where in the world am I going to get the money I need to pay for these books?!” And next thing I knew, I got a nice little letter in the mail congratulating me on my scholarship win. I got the books, graduated, and later on went on to become a spotlight alumni. How cool is that?

That is why this organization is incredibly powerful and important, and why WE need to pay it forward and donate so that other Latino students can have those same opportunities. Full circle, folks… full circle.

Learn more!


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