Avicii’s “Wake Me Up!” by Aloe Blacc Supports Immigration Reform!

Aloe Black Wake Me UpBono said it best when he said, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” In a newly released video version of Avicii’s 2013 mega hit, “Wake Me Up!” (#1 in 63 countries), Aloe Blacc, who wrote the lyrics behind the song, shares a narrative that is both inspiring and haunting. The video is inspired by the “11 million true stories” of undocumented people currently residing in the United States and showcases the story of a father, a mother, a child and a border patrol agent as time passes and their lives change. This is truly a powerful testament on how music and good story telling can help listeners and viewers see a concept in a whole new way. The video is directed by filmmaker Alex Rivera, who used real people whose stories are similar to those they portray and include:

Hareth Andrade Ayala is a immigrants’ rights leader in the state of Virginia. She has spent her teen years traveling across the nation to share her family’s story. And recently to fight to stop her own father’s deportation. [sign the petition for Hareth’s dad here]

Margarita Reyes is a Los Angeles actress and producer whose ‘s first guest star appearance on prime time was opposite Emmy-award winning actress Alfre Woodard on the television series The Practice. She is currently starring in the film “Combat Ready”. Despite being born in the US, Margarita was deported as a child alongside her mother. Much of her work focuses on the issues of Latino and immigrant youth.

Agustín Chiprez Alvarez has been in the US for 18 years. He is a proud father of an infant son and, like in the video, seeks work on Los Angeles day laborer corners to provide for his family. He is a songwriter and first became involved in acting through fellow actor Jose Mangandi at Teatro Jornalero.

Produced by NDLON, the ABC Foundation, Interscope Records, Unbound Philanthropies, and La Panda, see it below.


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