Lincoln Heights: 8 Year Old Girl Looses Teeth After Being Bullied, School Does NOTHING

Sharing a story that the English news media needs to pick up. This is a severe case of school bullying that needs to be brought into the limelight and involves an 8yr old girl who had her teeth knocked out and the school has yet to DO ANYTHNG about it.



WATCH THE REPORT: VIDEO in SPANISH: Francisco Ugalde from Univision reported on May 7, 2014


In the video, Karla Covarrubias shares what happened to her at Gates Street Elementary in Lincoln Heights on April 25, 2014.

“The other day that my parents brought me lunch,” she says. “One of the girls told me I eat like a pig, and that’s when everyone started poking fun.”

But according to Francisco, this has been escalating because of prior events.

Karla shares:

“She wanted me to buy her a bag of cookies but I didn’t have money. I told her I didn’t have money and that besides; I didn’t have to buy it. I then turned around and that’s when she pushed me.”

According to the video, the dentist states that Karla has suffered from bone fractures, lost two permanent teeth and four more are in danger of being lost.

On the verge of tears, the mother says, “One day she didn’t want to go to school and she wanted to die. I felt bad, horrible.”

The father shares, “I told the director that I want to talk to him, but he said he doesn’t have time, he says he has meetings with the students. And he never has time to face the problem that happened.”

Karla Covarrubias is only 8 years old and in 2ndgrade. She is currently in treatment with a psychologist to cope with the anxiety and depression.

All the parents want is for the schools to acknowledge what happened and to implement a real anti-bullying program at the school.

According to the reporter, Univision contacted LAUSD and they made no comment but are “reviewing the case.”

To call Gates Street Elementary Contact: 323-225-9574

To contact LAUSD: School Board Member Monica Garcia: 213-241-6180

Since this post, I’ve personally contacted the office of Monica Garcia and they assured me personally that they are on it.

Please do your part and contact news media and let them know they need to cover this story:
CBS2 / KCAL9: Email
NBC4 Los Angeles: 818-684-3425
KTLA5 Los Angeles: 323-460-5333
ABC7 Los Angeles: 818-863-7777
Fox11 Los Angeles: 310-584-2369

Watch the video:



24 thoughts on “Lincoln Heights: 8 Year Old Girl Looses Teeth After Being Bullied, School Does NOTHING

  1. Lisette Duarte says:

    As a parent if the North East LA Community I am completely saddened and angry about this poor child. I work with many families in the greater LA area that have similar stories. Concerns go unheard and unaddressed and simply disregarded far too many times. We need to address the safety concerns in our schools. We need accountability for all of the continued bullying incidents. Thank you for shedding light on this grown issue.

  2. Militant Angeleno says:

    Can we find out the name of her aggressor so we can publicly terrorize her aggressor’s family? Also, can we also crowd fund martial arts lessons for her so she can enact swift and just revenge on her aggressor?

    1. carlos says:

      Theres always to sides if the story n before that person goes after the agressor why dont u find out if the agressor wasnt finally defending herself and standing up for herself idk. The agressor but my kid goes to this school and he himself has been bullied by the little girl on the picture so go figuere.

      1. Mel says:

        Your comments are way inappropriate. Pictures show that she was pushed from behind, so they couldn’t have been defending themselves. Plus how do you know that was the girl that bullied your son, huh? Did he point her out to you.

  3. Marlene says:

    My daughter was recently bullied a couple weeks back, I had gone to the principal to make a statement and nothing was done. Luckily for us she didn’t get physically hurt but emotionally, it got to the point where all she wanted to eat was salads because she didn’t want to get fat! The principal did not follow up with the students who were bullying her so my niece decided to take action by confronting the kids and telling them to leave my daughter alone. They have not bothered her since. This story is very devastating for me, as a parent. Is there any possible way parents can get together and protest infront of the school? Have the child or children who did this expelled? Drastic measures have to happen!

  4. monica says:

    My friend had a similar problem her son was being bullied and when she complained to director it went on deaf ears….so called the police and u better believe it got school on their toes to move fast and resolve the issue. Sad as it sounds but teachers r at fault too cause majority of them know who r the bully students bt play blind or ignore it because if they report it , it will cause more work for them.

  5. Jade Dennis says:

    I went to this very school, Gates Street Elementary back in 1999 and I was mercilessly bullied by the other kids and had to go to a psychologist both at the school and at a private practice because the bullying caused me to have major depression and I even felt suicidal at 9 years old. Just like they did for Karla, they did NOTHING to stop it because they couldn’t be bothered with it.

    I just sent an email to CBS2/KCAL9. This school has gotten away with neglecting the safety of their students for too long.

  6. Christina says:

    Karla you are absolutely beautiful don’t ever listen to the bullies they only bring you down. Keep your head held high sweetheart and just be you, because being you is all that matters love yourself for who you are, love your body and never second guess yourself! So many people love you especially your family!

  7. johanna says:

    This. Is. So sad cuz karla is my neighbor shes a sweet lil girl my son goes to this school n for sure they need to talk to the kids about this topic Bullying so they could understand they could really hurt somebody… N ur right principal dnt do nothing my son was sopposably gonna need an ipe n they still havent done nothing but could call me for the dumbest things he does… im really fed up with this school

    1. Mel says:

      I am with you. The principal never gives you the confidence that it will get resolved. I was disturbed that such an incident like that where lots of kids saw what happened and the parents were not informed about it at all. SMH….

    2. erika says:

      hi I live in the Inland empire and my daughter and I saw this last night, my daughter was very emotional because she goes threw the same thing, if they are your neighbors Is there a way you can have them contact me, my daughter would like to meet karla and let her know shes not alone,
      they can contact me

  8. Monica Harmon says:

    LAPD Hollenbeck Area &
    Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc.
    Cordially invite you to a Community Meeting
    Thursday, May 22, 2014
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Lincoln Heights Senior Center
    Monica Harmon, Speak Out Against Bullying
    LAPD Hollenbeck Captain Baeza, Commanding Area Officer

  9. Patricia says:

    Wow, how things have change. I grew up in Lincoln Heights and attended Gates St. in the 60’s from Kinder to 6th; I was constantly teased, but never once did I fear for my safety.

  10. Susana says:

    This is so sad! This seems to happend in the schools where there is a large hispanic population, I’m hispanic (I wasn’t born here) my son is very shy and honestly he could get bullied so I registered him to a school where there is mostly asians and he has never been bullied… It’s sad but maybe is the way these bullies are being bullied by their parents at home

    1. Monica Harmon says:

      Unfortunately Susana bullying doesn’t discriminate and students of all ages, races, cultures, rich, poor etc. are targets and victims of bullying. 160,000 students don’t go to school everyday for fear of being bullied. More importantly we need to help not only the victims of bullying but also the students who bully. We need to empower students at schools not to be bystanders and speak out.

      Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc.

  11. Gates Parent says:

    First of all, as a Gates Street School parent, I am very sad and sorry that Karla fractured her jaw and lost two teeth. Secondly, I would like to see the shoes that Karla was wearing at school on Friday, April 25, 2014. According to all the students who witnessed this accident, Karla was wearing shoes that have wheels on the heels. Karla was reckless, rolling, and sliding on the wheels’ of her shoes. She lost control and fell into the cafeteria bench. Karla suffered a fractured jaw, lost teeth, and a badly bruised knee. There is no “girl bully” that pushed her from behind. Also, Karla’s story about the “bully” demanding her to buy her a bag of cookies does not make sense. At the school, there are three items that the students are requested to leave at home. The students are asked not to bring money to school, a cell phone, and toys. My kids never have money while in school. So, will this “girl bully” be pushing all the students in the school who do not have money? Finally, Karla claims that the teachers and principal do not care about her. I strongly disagree with her! All of the parents, teachers, and principal makes sure everyday that each student learns is a safe environment!

    1. Jade Dennis says:

      Just because Gates Street Elementary requests that students leave money at home, does NOT mean the school doesn’t sell cookies and snacks during recess or lunch. I know for a fact that they do. If they’re not getting it from the school, they are going to the ice cream trucks that sit out after school to get it. Also, just because the staff is SAYING that they strive to keep their school a safe environment doesn’t means they actually are. They do what is convenient for them.

      Whether or not she was wearing skate shoes is irrelevant. It doesn’t change the fact that her parents reported her daughter constantly being harassed by other students on many occasions before this incident and no authority figure did anything about it.

    2. miriam cuevas says:

      According to the students…!!!??
      It is the same thing as hearsay and did you bother to ask the girl in question? Or even the mother of the child who was injured? Since it seems like you were too involve and very “informative” about this story! Also where the other kids parents present? When you questioned them!!?? When according to you “all the students who witnessed the accident” said she was wearing such shoes..Where they properly called to the office to recount their “story” of what they witnessed so forth!!!!! I Don’t Think So!!!!!!
      And i do believe that the school has turned its back to incidents as this one to quickly call the LAUSD and its lawyers..

      In every school there is always a rotten apple within…. just look what happen in south central L.A at Miramonte School!!!!!
      All who worked there are accomplices for the negligence of the well being, health and education of every student in its system nontheless the LAUSD in whole.

  12. Gates Parent says:

    This “story” has now become really sad and misleading. Making false statements to gain media attention is just WRONG! The headline reads “Lincoln Heights: 8 Year Old Girl Looses Teeth After Being Bullied, School Does NOTHING.” Karla claims that a “female bully” pushed her from behind because Karla did not have money to buy a bag of cookies. There is no “female bully.” What is her name? What does she look like? If this “female bully” exists, then she should be arrested for assault. The severe injuries that Karla suffered were caused by Karla’s skate shoes. The School responded quickly! At the Monday, April 28th, 2014 school assembly, the principal took action. Then, all of the Gates parents received a recorded message from the principal. If you are a Gates parent, then you will know what the principal said at the assembly and in the recorded message. The recorded message was both in English and Spanish. On the Monday, May 12th, 2014 Channel 5 News at Ten, Karla’s family says that they are looking for a lawyer. That would be great if they sue the “female bully” for all the pain and suffering. If they sue the Los Angeles Unified School District, I would love to see their evidence in court. Their best evidence is the dangerous and defective pair of skate shoes. They can sue the makers of those skate shoes. The skate shoes are defective and they do not have brakes.

  13. Alan says:

    They made fun of her for eating like a pig geez she looks like a pig, maybe less teeth will make her eat less

  14. Nancy Lam says:

    The reason she’s been bullied because she’s larger. I wasn’t surprised that school officials were not responsive to the previous complaints. This victim of the bullying should take self defense class, so that way she can learn how to stand up for herself.

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