Lupe Fiasco Praises Border Patrol Increase by Rick Perry as Immigrant Children Seek Refuge 

Not a headline I thought that I would write today.

Lupe Fiasco, the “socially conscious” hip hop artist took to his Instagram account today to praise Texas Governor Rick Perry on his position to send the National Guard to “protect” the Texas-US border as thousands of immigrants children seek refuge.

His post, up for less than two hours has since been deleted. Why? We don’t know. Instagram isn’t a place where one “accidentally” posts a photo. There is intent behind it. You have to screenshot what you’re reading, then try uploading it, then post a tagline, to which he simply hashtagged “LikeABoss, then choose a filter (or not) and then POST.

Very different than “accidentally” sending a Tweet or Retweet.

Needless to say, this was undoubtedly a very confusing thing to see on Instagram. Was he being sarcastic? Did it backfire? Does he really believe what he posted and if so, is he ready to lose fans?

Based on the photo and headline, looks like he could have been reading a BBC article, which states that deploying the Texas National Guard to “protect” the border could cost as much as $12 million per month – perhaps funding that could be better allocated in helping children fleeing gang violence and severe poverty.

A few days ago the artist launched the Lupe Foundation in an effort to empower inner-city youth as artist, activists and global citizens.


So… ummm… HUH? WTF Lupe Fiasco?


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