Los Angeles Magazine Puts Latina Eva Longoria on the Cover

Eva Longoria LA Magazine

Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Strong, Smart and Inspiring.

Those are the words boldly used to describe actress, entrepreneur, activist, and philanthropist, Eva Longoria who is gracing the cover of Los Angeles Magazine as part as the “The L.A. Woman” special this September. Gotta say, VERY REFRESHING!

The last time LA Magazine featured another prominent Latina on the cover was when the magazine featured Mirthala Salinas, a.k.a “The Mayors Mistress,” an episode of LA history we all want to forget. I was very upset over that cover. Hey listen, I read, I subscribe, I like LA Magazine, and as a reader and subscriber, it’s important that my city’s magazine represents me and all the other Latinas of our fair metropolis in a way that’s more than just mistress-status.

After reading the cover story of Eva, I am more impressed with her that before. Not many celebrities use their star-power to advance the issues that impact Latino-Americans and the American public as a whole. I had the pleasure of interviewing her way back in 2007 for my show, “Knowledge is Power” on Power 106fm in Los Angeles for her non-profit “Padres Contra el Cancer,” which helps Latino families learn and cope through the process of children’s cancer. I interviewed her again in 2008 during the Democratic National Convention as then Senator Barack Obama received the endorsement of the Democratic Party. She had been a Hillary Clinton supporter, and we can’t forget how divided and angry people were during that time. She was very gracious and made the point that at the end of the day, Democrats should support the endorsed candidate and push said candidate on the issues that impact our communities. She left quite the impression on me. Smart. Strong. Inspiring.

Since then, I’ve seen her career grow and expand and have seen her push for the American Latino Museum in DC, which would share the stories of the American-Latino experience with the world, a cause I strongly support.

Reading her story, her struggles, her aspirations in LA Magazine was a great way of seeing myself and the work so many of my friends and colleagues are involved with be represented with grace, dignity and respect – and this is incredibly important. Thank you LA Magazine!

Congrats, Eva! Thank you for making us look so good!


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