This is such an honor 

WordPress WC,

I have some exciting news: I’ll be a featured speaker at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. this Saturday.

The March in D.C., combined with the hundreds of solidarity marches around the world, will bring millions of people together, all marching to protect our rights, our safety, our health and our families. And I’ll be there, sharing my story and raising the concerns of the people in our district.

Will you donate $10 before the March and let me know you’re with me?

Lawmakers in Washington are starting to take notice of the people powered, grassroots organizing we’re doing in the 34th District. And I’ll be carrying that energy with me when I take the stage during the Women’s March. I’ll also be carrying the stories of my mother and father, who came to America to work hard and build a better life. I’ll be carrying the story of my first vote as a citizen at 21 after living life as a refugee and undocumented youth. I’ll be raising the voices of people of our district — the people who will be most affected by Donald Trump’s racist, sexist, and dangerous policies.

I’m so proud to be joining the March to represent our district in this fight. Before we march on Saturday, say you’re proud too:


Wendy Carrillo
Candidate for Congress, 34th District


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